Charente: CRS Dislodge the Strikers of La Rochelle, Back to Normal at the Pump

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CRS unblock the fuel depot in La Rochelle, back to normal at the petrol stations

The strikers CGT and FO could not reblock fuel depots La Pallice tonight. At 3, they found themselves facing the CRS protecting access and exit of Picoty and SLB deposits. The dozen protesters are therefore content to distribute leaflets in front of the port.

UPDATED Tuesday 9.30am

Consequences: tank trucks are back in the stations, like this morning in Cognac, where the situation is slowly returning to normal.

If the website, which centralizes petrol stations experiencing supply difficulties, indicates only unleaded shortage Intermarché Saint-Cybard at Angoulême, the reality on the ground is a little more complicated.

In particular Cognac, where stations Intermarché and Leclerc are out of diesel. Consequence: the pumps of the Auchan Shopping Center are under assault. This is also the case of Intermarket Lane, for example. More either diesel Intermarché Champniers. And long queues at Giant …

Since this morning, the CGT and FO road began a renewable movement against the reform of the Labour Code, targeting at dawn axes of movement and fuel depots across France. The filing of Pallice, La Rochelle, is particularly blocked.

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