The weather in Charente is getting worse

Weather in Charente: The Weather is Getting Worse

The weather in Charente is getting colder this Wednesday 22nd January The weather in Charente is getting colder this Wednesday 22nd January 2020, with temperatures of zero degrees in the countryside and 1 degrees in Angouleme at 8am this morning.  In the sky, a few clouds. Meteo France forecasts for a rather clear morning but the […]

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The weather in Charente will feature rain today before a beautiful weekend

Weather in Charente: Rain Before a Beautiful Weekend

WEATHER: The weather in Charente will be a mixture of rain and clouds this Friday 17th January, before a better drier weekend The weather in Charente is humid this morning, but the air is mild. Meteo France forecasts a day of changeable weather this Friday 17th January 2020, with alternating rains and cloudy periods with a […]

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Only 13 people died on the rtoads of Charente in 2019

Only 13 Dead: Charente Roads Have Never Been Safer in 2019

Thirty-nine died in 2010.  Thirteen, or three times less, this year 2019.  The Charente roads have become increasingly safe over the decade. Explanations. Thirteen killed on Charente roads in 2019. This is the lowest total ever recorded for our department. Twelve less than in 2009 and 26 less than in 2010. Since the beginning of the decade, the trend has […]

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The southern part of the region was the most affected. But the epidemic is progressive.

The Epidemic of Gastroenteritis Arrives in the Charente

HEALTH: The Gastroenteritis epidemic which has been spreading throughout France, has arrived in the Charente region The reality seems to have gotten a little ahead of the statistics of Sentinelles, this network of doctors, for the most part, generalists, who compile data linked to epidemics of acute diarrhoea, flu, chickenpox in particular. The network has noted […]

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A woman died in a car accident in Saint-Gaudent

Vienne: 48 Year Old Charente Woman Dies in Road Accident at Saint-Gaudent

ROAD ACCIDENT: A 48 year old woman from Charente has died in a road accident at Saint-Gaudent in Vienne A 48-year-old Charentaise, living in Les Adjots, died in a road accident in Saint-Gaudent (Vienne), on the night of Friday 27th December to Saturday 28th December, according to our colleagues from La Nouvelle République. The firefighters were […]

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Police warn of counterfeit 10 euros notes in Charente

Beware of Counterfeit 10 Euros Notes Circulating in Charente

MONEY: The police warn people and shopkeepers to check their 10 euros notes for counterfeits that are circulating in Angouleme, Charente The police station warns of the presence of counterfeits currently in Charente, in particular in the Angouleme sector. Traders alerted the police station, which looked into these cuts. Quite poor quality copies: they all have the […]

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In the Charente at Jurignac, three injured in a road accident

Charente: Three Injured in an Accident on the RN10 at Jurignac

ACCIDENT: A road accident happened on the RN10 at Jurignac in the Charente An accident involving a single car occurred this Thursday morning around 9:30 am, on the RN 10 near Pont à Brac, in the town of Jurignac. Three people were slightly injured. The firefighters intervened on the spot. The accident occurred in the Bordeaux-Angoulême […]

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The weather in Charente will be milder this afternoon

Weather in Charente: Milder and Cloudy this Afternoon

WEATHER: Although cloudy, the sun will appear this afternoon making the weather in Charente quite pleasant Today, the weather in Charente will see the sun is rather present throughout the morning, with a few clouds in the east of the department. It is 8 degrees in Angouleme and Cognac this morning. The temperatures will rise throughout […]

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