The coronavirus Covid-19 incidence rate is falling in the Charente

Covid-19: The Incidence Rate is Falling in Charente… But Not the Positivity

EPIDEMIC: The incidence rate in the Charente was halved. But the number of coronavirus Covid-19 tests carried out also A spectacular drop in the incidence rate of the coronavirus Covid-19 in Charente. From 243 / 100,000 inhabitants during the peak of March 29, to 120 / 100,000 inhabitants on April 29! Or a halving of this indicator, scrutinized […]

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The weather in Charente, will have Grey skies and rain today

Weather in Charente: Grey Skies and Intermittent Rain

WEATHER FORECAST: Grey skies and showers are forecast for the Weather in Charente for this Friday by Meteo France. The sky is grey and it is mild this morning in Angouleme at 8am. This Friday, the forecast from Meteo France for the weather in Charente, is that the sky will remain very cloudy, with light and […]

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The weather in Charente will be cloudy with rain in the evening (Photo: Meteo France)

Weather in Charente: A Cloudy Sky, Rain in the Evening

WEATHER: The weather in Charente is forecast to have cloudy skies all day, with rain due to arrive in the evening It is cold this morning, across the Charente with minus two degrees at 8 am in Angouleme and the ground is frozen.  According to the morning forecast from Meteo France, the weather in Charente […]

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Storm Bella is preparing to sweep over France

Weather: Storm Bella will Hit France from Sunday

GUSTS: On the menu from storm Bella are snow and winds of over 100 km/h Obviously, 2020 could only end with a storm! A disturbance from Iceland is in fact preparing to fall on France from Sunday. The Weather Channel forecasts gusts on the Channel coasts up to 120 km/h and between 80 to 100 km/h, reports Ouest-France . The storm will move […]

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The weather in Charente will have a mixture between rain and clear skies

Weather in Charente: The Sky Hesitates between Rain and Clearings

WEATHER: The weather in Charente will be a mixture today, with a sky of rain clouds in between clear spells The sky is cloudy this morning across the department of the Charente and it is rather mild with 10 degrees in Angouleme at 8am.   This Tuesday 15th December, the weather in Charente will see the […]

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29 fewer people died in the Charente during 2020 despite having the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic

In Charente, the Second Highest Drop in Mortality in 2020

DEATHS: 29 fewer people died in the Charente during 2020 despite having the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic A 1% drop in deaths from March 1 to November 16. That is 29 fewer deaths than in 2019. According to official data from INSEE released today, Charente is seeing the second-largest drop in mortality in France, behind the solid […]

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