Auto tests: Suzuki Vitara, a New Engine while Waiting for the Hybrid Version

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Suzuki has chosen to renovate its gasoline engines and adopts, for the Vitara, a 1-liter 3-cylinder turbo engine of 111 hp.

The Suzuki Vitara updated. To make it politically correct, while waiting for hybridisation, Suzuki bans a Diesel version and offers a 3 cylinder petrol engine. Starting from € 18,390.

Faced with the new pollution standards implemented, Suzuki has decided to ban diesel and renovate its petrol engines, pending a hybridisation of all its models from 2020.

The Suzuki Vitara retains the recent 1.4-litre 140-hp and adopts the 111-hp 1-litre 3-cylinder turbo appeared on the new Swift, replacing the former 1.6-litre, 120-hp 4-cylinder. Less powerful, of course, but with the big advantage of a much higher torque (170 Nm against 120 Nm). Delivered at a lower speed (2,000 rpm against 4,400 rpm), it shows more flexibility and softness while remaining quiet, provided you do not go too fast.

Both engines are associated with 4 × 2 or 4 × 4 transmissions and mechanical transmissions (6-speed for 140 hp and 5 for 111 hp) or 6-speed automatic transmission except for the 111 hp 4-wheel drive.

A 3-cylinder efficient and little greedy

With the latter tested, the Vitara’s onboard computer has an average fuel consumption of 7 litres, which is a good performance for a vehicle that can count on its 4-wheel drive and 4 modes of operation.

Thus, for example in Normal mode, the integral transmission is revealed only when the adhesion is degraded and then returns torque on the rear axle. On the other hand, the Lock mode distributes the torque in 50/50 and makes use of a limited-slip differential that brakes any wheel that skates and transfers the torque to those with good grip. With an elevated ground clearance, the Vitara is then very comfortable on the dirt roads, even broken down, or on the snow.

Too bad the last reports of boxes are still long. But it is an obligation to best restrict emissions when passing administrative controls.

Agile also in an urban environment

The interior of the Suzuki Vitara has also evolved with, inter alia, a new LCD in the center of the instrumentation block. (© Suzuki)
The interior of the Suzuki Vitara has also evolved with, inter alia, a new LCD in the center of the instrumentation block. (© Suzuki)

The Suzuki Vitara is driven by the 3-cylinder traction, more urban vocation, therefore benefits from the automatic transmission. Indeed, despite appearances, its length does not exceed 4,18 m, which makes it sufficiently agile in town while presenting a beautiful cockpit space and a generous chest.

Suzuki took advantage of the redesign of its engine range to retouch a few features of its SUV which now features vertical chrome inserts on a five-slot grille while the rear light blocks incorporate three LED lines and the rear protection shoe has been redesigned.

In the same way, the cabin evolves smoothly with a new LCD screen in the centre of the instrumentation block and a redrawn clock. The presence of a foamed padding on the upper part of the dashboard increases the perceived quality.

Finally, all preventive security equipment benefits from the latest generation technologies.

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