Blocking oil depots: the gendarmes intervene in Vern-sur-Seiche, near Rennes

Blocking Oil Depots: Gendarmes Intervene in Vern-sur-Seiche, near Rennes

While many petrol stations are in short supply of fuel in the West, the situation is unblocked at the oil depot in the suburbs of Rennes Tuesday 3rd December 2019. The gendarmes released access to the oil depot of Vern-sur-Seiche, in the suburbs of Rennes, on the night of Monday 2nd  to Tuesday 3rd December 2019, blocked since Thursday […]

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This Sunday, December 1, 2019 evening, already two gas stations no longer distribute fuel in Avranches

Normandy: In Avranches Petrol Stations No Longer Dispense Fuel

This Sunday 1st December 2019, already two petrol stations no longer distribute fuel in Avranches (Manche). In Normandy at Avranches, Sunday 1st December in the early evening, two petrol stations are no longer distributing fuel. Carrefour Market had no more fuel. And, on Leclerc’s petrol pumps, we could read this message from the management:  Since we could not […]

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Some petrol stations are running dry in Angouleme, Charente

Charente: Dry Petrol Pumps, the Supply Expected Normally This Monday

The La Pallice oil depot in La Rochelle was unblocked on Friday afternoon. This did not prevent Charente motorists from taking their precaution, with queues at the Petrol Pumps The La Pallice oil depot in La Rochelle was unblocked on Friday afternoon. This did not prevent Charente motorists from taking their precaution. From this Saturday morning, queues have […]

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Petrol Pumps are running dry after a blockade of oil depots

The Oil Deposits of Lorient, Brest, Le Mans, Rennes Still Blocked, Some Dry Petrol Pumps

Construction professionals still block this Saturday noon oil deposits Lorient, Brest, Le Mans and Vern-sur-Seiche near Rennes, to defend their tax advantage on diesel. Some petrol stations are already dry. In La Rochelle, the blockade has been lifted. We take stock Construction machinery, backhoe loaders, skips, tank carriers, are still parked in front of the oil depots  of Lorient, Brest, […]

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A general rise of fuel prices at petrol stations

Fuel Prices: A General Rise at Petrol Stations

PETROL: The litre of unleaded 95 fuel is the one that has risen the most at the petrol stations The prices of road fuels sold in French petrol stations increased overall last week, with a marked increase for unleaded, according to official figures released on Monday. Diesel fuel, the best-selling fuel with nearly 80% of volumes, was displayed at 1.4898 euro per […]

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Fuel shortages in Chateau-Gontier

Chateau-Gontier: Some Stations Short of Fuel

FUEL SHORTAGES: If Total or Intermarché have not been especially affected by the fuel shortage, Leclerc and Carrefour Market have been impacted in Chateau-Gontier … Since the morning of Monday 25th September,  the usual flow of cars to the Carrefour Market gas station is interrupted. The cause ? Motorists fearing diminishing fuel – due to the fuel […]

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CRS unblock the fuel depot in La Rochelle, back to normal at the petrol stations

Charente: CRS Dislodge the Strikers of La Rochelle, Back to Normal at the Pump

The strikers CGT and FO could not reblock fuel depots La Pallice tonight. At 3, they found themselves facing the CRS protecting access and exit of Picoty and SLB deposits. The dozen protesters are therefore content to distribute leaflets in front of the port. UPDATED Tuesday 9.30am Consequences: tank trucks are back in the stations, like this […]

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Fuel shortages are increasing in France as the Strike by tanker drivers continues

Fuel: Sixth day of strike of Tanker Drivers, 850 affected stations

Employees of road transport of hazardous materials (fuel, gas, chemicals …) begin their sixth day of strike for better recognition of the profession. Wednesday morning, more than 800 petrol stations were affected by the move, including 429 in total shortage. Truck drivers transporting hazardous materials (fuels, gas …) were beginning Wednesday in the Ile de France […]

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Due to strikes by tanker drivers, it is causing a shortage of fuel at petrol stations

Strikes by tanker drivers: New Filter Dams

Filter dams were set up in front of several depots and refineries. The Ile-de-France is mainly affected. Strike renewed, filter dams, the first major supply problems. The social movement by drivers of hazardous materials (fuel, gas, chemicals …) continues Tuesday with, among others, filter dams at oil depots which resumed in Ile de France and La Rochelle (Charente […]

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The filling nozzles at the petrol stations contain more bacteria than a toilet seat

Health: Filling Nozzles are dirtier than Toilet Seats

The filling nozzles at gas stations are far dirtier than the toilet seat. Difficult to do worse: they are real nest of bacteria, says a Canadian study. But the steering wheel, is also a problem. 17,500 times more bacteria on a service station filling nozzle than on the bezel of your toilet! It is a Canadian […]

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