Sharing Our Journey in France

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m delighted to share with you the story of my family’s adventure in France and the evolution of this website.

Back in 2001, my family and I made the exciting decision to move to France. We settled in the beautiful Loire Atlantique, near the charming market town of Chateaubriant. This area held special meaning for us, as we had cherished memories from our holidays and my previous work experiences in Chateaubriant.

Our four children began attending local schools and colleges, immersing themselves in the vibrant community. We eagerly embraced the local way of life, doing our best to contribute positively to the community we now called home.

Initially, I worked with an estate agent as a means to support my family and finance the renovation of our farmhouse. However, as the recession hit and the number of prospective British buyers declined, I decided to explore new avenues. This led me to my current occupation, working on the French markets, teaching online, and investing, while also venturing into online endeavors to supplement our income.

The Website chb44.com

Now, let’s talk about the site itself. I named it chb44.com, inspired by my location in the Chateaubriant region, situated in the department 44. The purpose of the website was initially to promote the properties I had for sale, providing detailed information in English to make it accessible to a wider audience. However, it quickly transformed into much more.

Throughout the years, chb44.com has evolved into a comprehensive news site, covering both national and local news. While my residence in the Pays de la Loire region naturally draws my attention to this area, I strive to include diverse content that captures the essence of France. In addition to news, I explore various topics such as French music, the property scene, economics, and sports.

Beyond news and information, this website remains a personal platform where I share our triumphs, challenges, and the various experiences of settling into French life. I document our journey, including the ups and downs, memorable places we’ve visited, and the unique working opportunities we’ve pursued. It’s a testament to our commitment to embracing a new culture and building a meaningful life in France.

Thank you for visiting chb44.com. I hope you find inspiration, insights, and perhaps a touch of nostalgia as you explore the diverse facets of our life in France.






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