About Me and the site

My family and I originally came to France in 2001, to the Loire Atlantique, close to the market town of Chateaubriant, an area that we had knowledge of from holidays and from work that I had done around Chateaubriant.

All my four children went to local schools and colleges and have taken part in various activities around the region and over the years we tried to blend in to the local life wherever possible, to try and put something into the community.

Originally I was working with an Immobilier, an Estate Agents, to earn money for my family and to help with the costs in renovating our farmhouse.  As the recession started to bite, and prospective British buyers dried up, I changed directions and now work on the French markets, besides trying to earn some extra money on the internet.

About the site

I chose the name chb44.com, as I am based in the Chateaubriant region, which is also department 44, hence chb44.  It was originally a way that I could publicize the numerous properties that I had for sale, with all the details written in English instead of people needing to try and translate the information.  I would then include some useful information on how my family was settling into living in France, with our ups and downs,our different working opportunities that we have done, renovating our house, places we have visited.

Over time, the site has developed into a News site covering both National news and also local news as well, although due to me living in the Pays de la Loire region, I lean more towards this area.  I also try and cover French music, the property scene, economics and sport as well.






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