Chateau-Gontier: Some Stations Short of Fuel

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Fuel shortages in Chateau-Gontier

FUEL SHORTAGES: If Total or Intermarché have not been especially affected by the fuel shortage, Leclerc and Carrefour Market have been impacted in Chateau-Gontier …

Since the morning of Monday 25th September,  the usual flow of cars to the Carrefour Market gas station is interrupted. The cause ? Motorists fearing diminishing fuel – due to the fuel depot blockades by lorry drivers – have led to a shortage.

“Our last delivery date Friday , says one at the sign to the city centre. Everyone jumped on it. We had to close because we had nothing. “

The return to normalcy is scheduled for this Wednesday 27th September, “A delivery will arrive. We asked the first time. We’ll see. “

“If our levels drop, full will be limited”

The Leclerc service station was also dried up: “We were out on Tuesday, 26thg September, before 9 am. A truck came and another in the afternoon, but still has to be unleaded 98, “ says Is there the standard of the large area of Fougetterie.  Again, the shortage is due to “the precaution taken by the population” .

Other signs were more immune to the phenomenon. “It was delivered this morning, there is no problem”, says one side of Intermarché in Saint-Fort.

Even finding in Saint-Jacques Huet Cars Bazouges which was not open this weekend. “At time t, there is no shortage, we watched with Total to Aze this afternoon. After, if we see that our levels drop, it will limit the full 20 liters. But for now, this is not the case. “

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