Meta will pay 88,500 euros per day after exploiting user data for advertising

Norway: Meta will Pay 88,500 Euros per Day after Exploiting User Data for Advertising

TARGETED ADVERTISEMENTS: Meta had until August 4th to prove that it had measures in place to comply with Norwegian data protection law. We don’t play with the protection of personal data in Norway, even if we are called Meta. A Norwegian regulator on Tuesday fined the U.S. tech giant for serving targeted ads by exploiting user data from its Facebook and Instagram […]

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Apple is developing AI to compete with ChatGPT and Bard

AI: Apple is Secretly Creating its own Chatbot to Compete with ChatGPT or Bard

INNOVATION: With Apple GPT, the American giant seeks to do what Bard, ChatGPT and Bing AI are already doing Apple is in the running and does not intend to be left behind. The American giant is working on artificial intelligence tools capable of challenging the models developed by OpenAI with ChatGPT or even Google with Bard, reports Bloomberg. But no clear strategy has yet […]

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Mercedes improves autonomous driving with automatic lane change

Mercedes Improves Autonomous Driving with Automatic Lane Change

AUTO: Mercedes beats Tesla to the post by being the first manufacturer to launch automatic lane change in Europe Mercedes earns points in the race for autonomous driving. Level 2 “driver assistance” is now improved with the automatic lane change function (called ALT) soon to be available in Europe. A novelty is already available in the United States and Canada on […]

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ChatGPT: Authors Sue OpenAI for Copyright Infringement

ChatGPT: Authors Sue OpenAI for Copyright Infringement

THE CLONE WARS: They are also suing the Meta group, which it accuses of having done the same for its own generative AI software, LLaMA They accuse him of using the content of their books to power the chatbot. Three authors have sued OpenAI, creator of the generative artificial intelligence (AI) interface ChatGPT, AFP learned on Monday from […]

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The updates fix a security flaw in Apple’s software that could be used by hackers to take control of your devices

Apple Releases Emergency Security Update for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

SECURITY: Apple has released an emergency security update to fix a zero-day vulnerability in WebKit, its web rendering engine. The vulnerability could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code on a victim’s device by tricking them into visiting a malicious website. Users are advised to install the update as soon as possible. Apple has released an […]

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The social media platforms will have to delete hateful messages

Riots: For Thierry Breton, “Social Media Networks Have not Done Enough”

From August 25th, social media platforms will have to comply with European law. Invited to Franceinfo, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton felt that “social media networks did not do enough” during the riots in France, linked to the death of young Nahel. “  They will have to do more,  ” he added. During the four nights of riots, […]

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TikTok: After four months of investigation, the Senate castigates the lack of transparency of the application

TikTok: After Four Months of Investigation, the Senate Castigates the Lack of Transparency of the Application

BAD TACTIC: The Senate released this Thursday the conclusions of its commission of inquiry called “The TikTok Tactic: opacity, addiction and Chinese Shadows” “The TikTok Tactic: Opacity, Addiction and Chinese Shadows”. Here is the name of the Commission of inquiry meeting in the Senate this Thursday to make the conclusions around the interference of the Chinese […]

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How High school students are using ChatGPT in France

ChatGPT: High School Students Tell How They Used it… “When You Have Easy Access, it’s Hard to Resist”

EDUCATION: This conversational agent, ChatGPT which uses artificial intelligence, is already very well mastered by high school students, as shown by the testimonials we have collected. In November, the arrival of ChatGPT turned the educational world upside down. Via artificial intelligence, this application is able to answer questions on multiple topics. Several high school students tell us […]

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A teacher in Nancy refuses to mark papers due to excessive use of ChatGPT

Nancy: A Teacher Refuses to Mark Papers due to Excessive use of ChatGPT

COPY PASTE: Copies came back with perfect spelling A professor at IUT Charlemagne in Nancy has decided not to correct the papers of her 120 first-year BUT students (university bachelor of technology) because of excessive use by students of the artificial intelligence software ChatGPT. “This is a class of around 120 first-year students, enrolled in the BUT […]

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Mercedes to use a version of ChatGPT in its cars

Mercedes adds ChatGPT to its in-car Voice Assistant System

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE:  The three-month test of ChatGPT started for some US drivers this Friday Mercedes has decided to test the capabilities of ChatGPT for its vehicles. The German manufacturer will deploy the OpenAI chatbot within the multimedia interface MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). For the moment, only American customers participating in a beta trial can benefit from this contribution of artificial […]

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