How to remove bloatware from Windows 10

Windows 10: Here’s How to Erase all Bloatware from your PC in a Command Line

A young engineer has found a technique to create an installation of Windows 10 free of unnecessary software. The solution is ideal if you want to do without any software, because everything takes place in PowerShell. Microsoft is constantly improving its operating system. Even though Windows 10 and 11 always offer more features and programs, the majority of users […]

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Chrome remains the most used browser in the world

Chrome Remains the Most Used Browser in the World, Edge Reaches a Plateau, Firefox Regresses

Statcounter has released its annual desktop browser market share distribution table worldwide. Chrome remains firmly anchored in the first position. Edge occupies the second step of the podium, but seems to stagnate. Browser usage statistics published by Statcounter confirm that Chrome remains by far the most widely used desktop browser in the world. It is the browser chosen by […]

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Microsoft Onedrive experiencing problems for users

OneDrive Failure: Unable to Access Files on Microsoft’s Service

The year is off to a good start for OneDrive users. Indeed, Microsoft’s online storage service has been experiencing many difficulties since this morning. Users can no longer access their files in particular. On this Monday 2nd January 2023, the OneDrive cloud storage service opened the ball for the first outages of the year. Indeed, if you’re used […]

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The red stamp will be replaced by a fully digital solution on January 1, 2023

The Red Stamp will be Replaced by a Fully Digital Solution on 1st January 2023

On the 1st January 2023, the red stamp will completely disappear from post offices. To send urgent mail, it will now be necessary to use a red e-Letter, a completely digital solution. But this change is not to everyone’s taste. Many users are concerned about the privacy of their mail. Already announced last July: the red stamp […]

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China: Foreign video games obtain a license, a first in eighteen months

China: Foreign Video Games Obtain a License, a First in Eighteen Months

GAMING: The country had not licensed a foreign video game since June 2021 China on Wednesday granted licenses to foreign video games. This type of authorization is a first in eighteen months, auguring a certain relaxation in a sector undermined by the Chinese authorities. If video games represent a significant financial windfall in the country, they were in the crosshairs […]

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WhatsApp Will Stop Working on Some Smartphones From 31st December

APP: The instant messaging application WhatsApp has decided, as usual, to end support for older devices and operating systems Periodically, WhatsApp, like other apps, stops supporting older smartphones and operating systems. As of December 31, the popular messaging app will no longer work on an additional 49 older devices, reports Phonandroid. Most date from around 10 years ago. For iPhones, the iPhone 5 and […]

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How China is protecting its children and making ours stupid with two different versions of TikTok

How China is Protecting its Children and Making Ours Stupid with Two Different Versions of TikTok

TECHNOLOGY: The differences between the Chinese and international versions of TikTok raise a question: that of the cutinization of youth by foreign soft power. “On their version of TikTok, if you’re under 14, they show you science experiments to do at home, museum tours, patriotic or educational videos. And they limit usage to forty minutes a […]

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Airbus and Renault Join Forces to Develop a New Generation Battery

TECHNOLOGY: The engineers of the two groups will work on the creation of a new generation of batteries which will be able to double the density of stored energy by 2030 Airbus and Renault have just signed an agreement to develop the battery of the future Their engineers will work together to double the energy […]

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Office 365 and Google Drive are not welcome in French schools, even if they are free

Office 365 and Google Drive are Not Welcome in French Schools, Even if They are Free

The question to the government of MoDem deputy Philippe Latombe is an opportunity for clarification concerning the use of American online services in schools. More than a question of unfair competition, it is the security of national data that is at stake. On August 30th, the elected official challenged the Minister of National Education about the […]

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Paypal's “super-app” ready to change the face of cryptocurrency

Paypal’s “Super-App” Ready to Change the Face of Crypto?

DIGITAL MONEY: Paypal is developing a super wallet app that will embrace and integrate the cryptocurrency world Great news for PayPal users – The creation of the great wallet app has just taken a decisive step. PayPal’s vision is to be more than just a payment button for consumers, but rather a place where useful applications are concentrated, like […]

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