Lidl launches connected devices at low prices

Lidl Launches into Connected Devices at Discounted Prices! The Competition is Shaking

From February 1st, Lidl customers will be able to purchase connected objects. Indeed, for the first time in France, the brand will market products of the Silvercrest brand that can be controlled remotely. They will be sold for around ten euros. New products will be offered on the shelves of 1,550 Lidl stores in France. From February 1, connected devices will […]

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Carrefour recalls basmati rice due to the presence of a toxin

Carrefour: The Store Recalls Basmati Rice Due to the Presence of a Toxin

SAFETY: Only large amounts of ochratoxin A can cause health problems, according to Carrefour, which is recalling the basmati rice as a precaution Customers of Carrefour hypermarkets, this reminder concerns you. The French retail group has indeed recalled basmati rice from the Carrefour brand, in a press release dated Friday 8th January, reports Capital. The Italian company Curti, which packages the product, indicated the presence of ochratoxin […]

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One in 100,000 people have allergic shock to Pfizer vaccine, according to US study

Coronavirus: One in 100,000 People have Allergic Shock to Pfizer Vaccine, According to US Study

RISK: According to the American Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, however, no deaths were to be deplored from the Pfizer vaccine To prevent this data from worrying, the American health authorities have reminded that the benefits of vaccination were much greater than the potential risks. One in about 100,000 people has experienced a severe allergic reaction after receiving a dose […]

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The “garden shed” tax continues to increase for 2021.

The Garden Shed Tax Increases in 2021, Here is What You Have to Pay

The “garden shed” tax goes to 870 euros per m² in Île-de-France and 767 euros per m² in the rest of France, according to a decree published on December 31st in the Official Journal. If you intend to install a garden shed soon, you will have to put your hand in your pocket (again). After several years of increase, […]

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If the north of France favors the frangipane, the south prefers the brioche des rois!

It’s Epiphany: Frangipane or Brioche for the Galette des Rois?

Every year, at the beginning of January, young and old alike like to compete for the bean with the galette des rois. Our selection in pictures of the most beautiful galettes and brioches. Whether you like it with an almond or chocolate frangipane, filled with a fruit compote or whether you prefer the brioche des rois, it is […]

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Sweets, so popular with children, frequently contain many food additives - dyes and preservatives - that can promote hyperactivity in younger children. - A.BARON / SIPASweets, so popular with children, frequently contain many food additives - dyes and preservatives - that can promote hyperactivity in younger children.

England: Fatty and Sugary Foods Soon to be Removed from Supermarkets Checkouts?

HEALTH: The project, subject to a consultation process before possible application in 2022, also targets gondola heads and entrances to supermarkets over 185 m² The British government is considering banning the sale of unhealthy food at the checkout of supermarkets larger than 185 m² in England. Sweets, confectionery, crisps and sugary drinks are particularly targeted by this measure to fight obesity. It […]

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Toyota unveils its autonomous shuttles

Toyota Unveils the e-Palette, its Autonomous Shuttle

TRANSPORT: The Toyota e-Palette autonomous vehicle can carry up to 20 passengers at a time In 2018, Toyota presented a versatile autonomous vehicle concept, the e-Palette. A sort of minibus that can accommodate up to 20 people at a time which was initially supposed to facilitate the transport of athletes and staff during the Tokyo Olympics last July. Unfortunately, due […]

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More than half of the population in China is overweight

China: More than Half of Chinese now Overweight, Report Finds

HEALTH: Overweight also affects children and adolescents in China: 20% of 6-17 year olds are affected by this public health problem which causes a large number of pathologies. It is also an effect of confinement: the lack of movement and physical activity may increase obesity problems around the world. More than half of Chinese adults are now overweight, according […]

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Matthieu Robin, bank-insurance project manager at UFC-Que Choisir, sounds the alarm on the risks of over-indebtedness

Over-Indebtedness: “Contrary to What the Advertisements Say, There is a Cost to Consumer Credit”

INTERVIEW: Matthieu Robin, bank-insurance project manager at UFC-Que Choisir, sounds the alarm on the risks of over-indebtedness The consumer association UFC-Que Choisir launches an alert on “the irresponsible distribution of consumer credit”, faced with an expected increase in 2021 in defaults on consumer credit. It also points to the role of “push-to-crime” advertisements from credit institutions, […]

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Aptera is launching a lightweight 3 wheel electric car

Aptera: The Electric Car with… Infinite Autonomy!

AUTO: Aptera launches a 100% electric car capable of driving without ever having to recharge. Its secret? Solar panels on the roof and exceptional aerodynamics A small American manufacturer is therefore launching this first three-wheel electric vehicle, characterized by a record aerodynamic coefficient: 0.13, which is even less than the mirrors of a pick-up! Thanks to this and to a weight […]

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