Mother's Day is moved to June 7 this year.

The not so silly question: why is Mother’s Day Changing this Year?

Make no mistake: this year, Mother’s Day will not be held on the last Sunday in May, but on Sunday 7th June 2020. Here’s why. This year, in France, the date of Mother’s Day will take place … in June. While it traditionally takes place on the last Sunday in May, it is this time set for Sunday 7th June […]

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Driving schools can now reopen following deconfinement

Deconfinement: Finally, Driving Schools can Reopen

After some legal concerns, the 12,000 driving schools can finally reopen following deconfinement, but we are far from having exam dates Open Monday, closed Tuesday and finally open this Wednesday. The manoeuvre was difficult for the government around the possibility for driving schools to reopen their doors from the deconfinement, since Monday, May 11th. It was Tuesday evening that the […]

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The ideal: eat your spinach as soon as you get home ... They don't keep for a long time in the fridge.

Spinach: How to Eat It, In Three Steps

Often spurned by children, spinach nevertheless has an important taste and nutritional qualities. 1. The perfect time to enjoy it As soon as you get back from shopping … now is the perfect time to taste fresh spinach. This delicate vegetable does not keep for more than two days in the refrigerator. Beyond, its beautiful fleshy foliage will tend to wilt […]

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The Playmobil protective mask is available in three sizes and four different colours

Playmobil Launches its Own Reusable Consumer Mask for Less than 5 Euros

Sold at 4.99 euros each, these masks are made of plastic, therefore reusable, and available in different sizes on the toy brand’s online store. Playmobil, before the… masks for the general public. The wearing of the latter being compulsory as of May 11th in public transport, the toy specialist has just launched his own production. Four reusable masks are now offered for […]

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Carrefour Consumers are asked to destroy or return the milk lots from which they were purchased

Product Recall: Carrefour Branded Milk Bottles Contaminated with Plastic

Several lots of bottles of Carrefour brand sterilized semi-skimmed milk were recalled and withdrawn from sale. They would contain pieces of plastic. Please note: the Carrefour brand has just withdrawn several lots of milk bottles from sale . The latter would indeed contain pieces of plastic , reveals the site , specializing in product recalls. Buyers are therefore asked not to consume these products and […]

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The National Health Security Agency (ANSES) calls for vigilance regarding diffusers of essential oils. (© Patryssia / AdobeStock)

Beware of Diffusers and Sprays of Essential Oils, warns ANSES

Irritation of the throat, nose or eyes, breathing difficulties … The national health security agency (ANSES) warns against the use of these everyday products. Products known to purify the air and purify our interiors, essential oil diffusers have gradually made their way to us. But they must be used with care so as not to become real poisons. This […]

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After deconfinement on May 11th, Gatherings will be limited to 10 people

Deconfinement: Gatherings will Remain Limited to 10 People after May 11th

Social life will have to resume very carefully after May 11th. The Prime Minister detailed before the Assembly which rallies could be held again. “Deconfinement is the return to social life “, but with the greatest vigilance. This is the message that Edouard Philippe tried to get across this Tuesday, 28th April 2020, during his hearing before the deputies to present the plan to […]

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Certain food supplements could be dangerous during the coronavirus epidemic. (Pixabay)

Coronavirus: Dietary Supplements Could Disrupt Immune Defences

ANSES warns that certain food supplements can disrupt the immune defences used to fight infections, including Coronavirus Covid 19. If you are taking dietary supplements, be careful. The National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety ( ANSES ) alerted, Monday 20th April 2020, to the potential risks that some of them may cause. It turns out that […]

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Telephone assistance for parents under pressure during confinement

Confinement: Telephone Help for Parents on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

It is not easy to combine confinement with telework and children. Several telephone platforms allow parents to empty their bags and regain some serenity. “I screamed at my daughter, I ran into the shower and there, I cried”: for parents who crack after weeks of family confinement, several hotlines distil listening and assistance. “This call saved me,” says Julie, who […]

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An airplane lands in Saint-Martin

Coronavirus: “Unreasonable to Imagine Travelling Far Abroad Very Quickly”, says Edouard Philippe

CORONAVIRUS: The Prime Minister stressed that he was “not sure that air transport” almost suspended in France, “can resume in good conditions quickly” Still a little early to take out the suitcases. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe prepared the French on Sunday for a summer vacation still in the shade of the coronavirus, saying he feared that trips far abroad would not be advised immediately. “Can we […]

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