This weekend, we switch to summer time: the days will lengthen by one hour while we will lose an hour of sleep.

The Time Change is This Weekend: We Switch to Summer Time

On the night of Saturday 28th March to Sunday 29th March 2020, we switch to summer time. In other words, the days will lengthen by an hour, and we will lose an hour of sleep. Don’t forget: this Sunday 29th March 2020, we are switching to summer time! This means that we advance our watches and clocks by one […]

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we try and answer questions on coronavirus confinement

Coronavirus: Controle Technique, Shopping, Car Sharing, The Response of the Gendarmes

Many of you are wondering about your trips, the possibility of travelling as a couple, but also about the validity of your Controle Technique.  We try to get some answers Many of you are wondering about your trips, the possibility of travelling as a couple, but also about the validity of your technical checks. Faced with […]

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How to explain the coronavirus and confinement to children

Coronavirus, Confinement, Isolation… How Can We Explain to Children the Period we are Living In?

Coronavirus, confinement … It’s not easy to put words accessible to children about what we are going through. A psychologist enlightens us. We are worried. They feel it and they are too. They are our children. Whatever their age, the health crisis we are going through has real impacts on their daily lives. The proof? One of the first precautionary measures […]

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Should books be classed as essentials in the current coronavirus confinement

Coronavirus: Are Books “Essentials”?

CONTAINMENT: The question of reopening bookstores was asked on Thursday, before being swept away by the Syndicat de la librairie française Asked Thursday morning about France Inter, Bruno Le Maire had raised the hypothesis of a reopening of bookstores to respond to competition from Amazon. The conditions for reopening bookstores, closed since Sunday, have not yet […]

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The sale of paracetamol is restricted from Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

Coronavirus: The Sale of Paracetamol Restricted to One Box per Person as of Wednesday

The National Medicines Safety Agency announces measures to limit the sale of paracetamol, which is useful in the current health crisis in the country. In full containment set up to stop the spread of the coronavirus in France, the National Medicines Safety Agency just announced on Tuesday 17th March 2020 that paracetamol would be rationed as of Wednesday 18th March […]

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The neonicotinoids, present in many phytosanitary products, attack the brains of larvae and baby bees.

Pesticides Would Cause Irreversible Damage to Bees’ Brains

A scientific study has revealed that the pesticides to which adult bees are exposed cause brain retardation, not without consequence, in their offspring. We know that bees are the first victims of pesticides. And that, even before their birth. According to a study published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Royal Society, the simple fact that an adult bee is exposed to phytosanitary […]

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The Citroën Ami offers a range of up to 70 kilometers. Its top speed is limited to 45 km / h.

Citroën Presents Ami, the Micro Electric Car, Driven Without a License

Citroën is revolutionizing urban mobility with its Friend, a two-seat electric quadricycle, without a license, with a range of 70 km and travelling at 45 km / h. Price: € 6,000. Direct descendant of Ami One Concept , presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show on the Citroën stand , the Ami becomes a reality a year later and responds to new mobility expectations, particularly in urban areas and for short […]

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Nearly 100 million mobile phones sleep in the drawers of the French, according to the organisation Ecosystem.

100 Million Phones Sleep in our Drawers: Here is a Solution to Give Them Away

The eco-organization Ecosystem launches the site, a solidarity recycling solution to give new life to our old mobile phones. We all have old mobile phones that sleeps in a drawer in the house. The very first, the one to which we are attached and which contains precious data, the one that we keep “just in case”, or […]

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Callicarpa is also called the candy tree. But beware, its berries are not edible.

These Five Berry Shrubs that Decorate our Gardens in Winter

You know the holly and the mistletoe but there are other more unusual shrubs that display bright berries… To install in plain view to enjoy the show! Violet bays: the callicarpa It is called the candy tree (although its berries are not edible) or callicarpa bodinieri: this deciduous shrub surprises with the density of its perfectly round purple […]

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Bruno Le Maire announces price limits for hydroalcoholic gels

Coronavirus: Bruno Le Maire Announces Price Limits for Hydroalcoholic Gels

EASY MONEY: The prices of these handwashing gels have sometimes increased wildly in response to demand because of the fears of coronavirus A decree will be taken Wednesday to regulate the prices of hydroalcoholic gels after “isolated cases” of “unacceptable prices” against the background of the coronavirus crisis, said Wednesday the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire. “I announce to you that […]

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