The organisers of the high mass of the cinema fear actions of the CGT Energy and have planned generators

At the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, the Specter of Power Cuts

PENSION REFORM: The organisers of the Cannes film festival fear actions of the CGT Energy of power cuts against the pension reform, and have planned generators Cannes without light is like a film without an image. If the electricity were cut during the famous film festival, there would be far fewer films to see. The threat […]

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It is the "pan that will prevent him from finishing his five-year term", launches Binet on Macron

Pension Reform: It is the “Pan that Will Prevent Him from Finishing his Five-Year Term”, Launches Binet on Macron

REACTION: Sophie Binet reacted to the statements of the Head of State, who had assured that “it is not saucepans that will make France move forward” The pension reform continues to make noise nearly a week after its promulgation. The pots are out during the various trips of the President of the Republic on the ground this week to […]

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Gendarmes have cleared protestors against pension reform at Donges

Pension Reform: The Gendarmes Evacuate the Oil Port of Donges for a Delivery of Diesel

PROTEST: The oil terminal in Donges had been occupied for a week by unions opposed to the pension reform They put an end to the blockage that had lasted for a week. During the night of Monday to Tuesday, the police intervened in Donges (Loire-Atlantique) to unblock the oil terminal which was paralyzed by demonstrators opposed […]

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Fuel Refineries are to be blocked to protest against the pension reform

Pension Reform: After Rubbish Collectors, Refineries Under Threat of Blockages

PENSION REFORM PROTESTS: Two refineries could be shut down according to the CGT, which is already blocking fuel shipments After the passage in force to the Assembly, the coup de force with the workers. The Minister of Industry Roland Lescure hinted this Saturday that the government could make requisitions in the event of the shutdown of […]

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Several ports blocked by strikers against pension reform

Pension Reform: Several Major Ports Blocked this Thursday

PROTESTS: The ports of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, but also those of Brest, Le Havre and Calais were stopped this Thursday against the pension reform At the call of the CGT, a “dead ports” day is underway in several sites in the country. Disturbances and blockages are particularly reported in Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, Brest, Le Havre, or Calais. […]

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The unions have asked Tuesday evening to be "received urgently" by Emmanuel Macron "so that he withdraws his reform" from pensions

Strike of 7th March: Two New Days of Mobilisation Announced, the Unions Want to See Macron “Urgently”

PROTESTS: The Unions asked Tuesday evening to be “received urgently” by Emmanuel Macron “so that he withdraws his reform” from pensions The main unions asked Tuesday evening to be “received urgently” by Emmanuel Macron “so that he withdraws his pension reform” from pensions and announced two new days of mobilization on Saturday and next week. “The […]

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Record number of protestors against the pension reform in Paris

Pension Reform: The CGT announces 700,000 Demonstrators in Paris

PENSION REFORM: The CGT announces 700,000 Demonstrators in Paris against the pension reform, Which Would be a Record Participation The mobilization against the proposed pension reform by the government is up compared to the last day of mobilization, on the 16th February 2023, during which the cabinet Occurrence had identified 33,000 demonstrators in the capital. […]

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The unions are blocking the fuel depots over Pension Reform

Strike of 7th March: Movement Strong in Refineries, Shipments of Fuel Blocked

PENSION REFORM: Blocking fuel shipments does not create a shortage at gas stations, but an extension could lead to it No shipment of fuels leaving French refineries will take place on Tuesday. On the occasion of the national mobilization against the pension reform, they were all blocked, told AFP the CGT-Chimie and TotalEnergies, without creating a shortage in service stations. […]

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In Paris, Dustbin collectors are on Strike against the Pension reforms

Strike of 7th March: Parisian Dustbin Workers also on Strike

SOCIAL STRUGGLE: Paris dustbin workers began to mobilise against the pension reform yesterday, and stopped waste collection in several districts of the capital The Dustbin collectors of the City of Paris began strike action on Monday against the pension reform which will continue on Tuesday, a day of great mobilization, indicated the City of Paris and the CGT. […]

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Strike renewed at TotalEnergies, in most refineries against pension reforms

Pension Reform: Strike Renewed at TotalEnergies, in Most Refineries

SOCIAL STRUGGLE: After the third day of mobilisation on Tuesday against the pension reform project carried by the government, the CGT announces a renewal of the strike in the refineries at TotalEnergies TotalEnergies strikers renewed the movement on Wednesday morning against the government’s pension reform project in most of the group’s refineries, we learned from the CGT. The union […]

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