Oil tanker from Iran arrives at Venezuela

Iranian Oil Tanker Arrives in Venezuela Waters

FUEL SHORTAGES: Venezuela experiences one of the worst fuel shortages in its history The first of the five oil tankers sent by Iran to Venezuela to supply fuels entered the waters of this country on Saturday, escorted by military ships of Venezuelan forces, announced the Minister of Petroleum Tareck El Aissami. The tanker from “our sister the Islamic Republic of Iran” […]

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Some petrol stations are running dry in Angouleme, Charente

Charente: Dry Petrol Pumps, the Supply Expected Normally This Monday

The La Pallice oil depot in La Rochelle was unblocked on Friday afternoon. This did not prevent Charente motorists from taking their precaution, with queues at the Petrol Pumps The La Pallice oil depot in La Rochelle was unblocked on Friday afternoon. This did not prevent Charente motorists from taking their precaution. From this Saturday morning, queues have […]

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At Questembert. Three people arrested with 100 litres of fuel

Questembert: Three People Arrested with 100 Litres of Fuel

This Monday 24th June 2019, shortly after 2 am, the gendarmes arrested three people on the RD775 in Questembert. They are suspected of having siphoned a hundred litres of fuel they were carrying. It is a strong smell of fuel that has put the bug in the ears of gendarmes. In the night from Sunday to Monday, […]

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Where can I find the cheapest fuel in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux: Which Petrol Station is the Cheapest Fuel?

Between the ten petrol stations located in Bordeaux, price differences are sometimes important. While fuel prices have been on the rise since January 2019 and peaked last April , we have found which Bordeaux gas stations are the cheapest . Diesel fuel: on the right bank For diesel, you have to go to the right bank to save money. On the Quai de la Souys, […]

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In Morbihan, rising fuel prices are making siphoning increase

Morbihan. The Price of Diesel Increases, the Siphoning Also

Companies that are victims of fuel theft in Morbihan worry and organise themselves to prevent the problem from becoming too much of a problem. Two weeks ago, several individuals were arrested after siphoning off nearly 500 litres of diesel fuel from truck tanks parked in two companies in Moréac, near Pontivy in Morbihan. “We too […]

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Faced with rising fuel prices, superethanol seduces more and more motorists with its price two times lower than the pump.

Fuel Increase: How to Save Hundreds of Euros by Switching to Superethanol

Made from plants, superethanol or E85 can reduce the bill when going to the pump by two. It seduces more and more motorists. Explanations. The explosion in fuel prices is angering motorists. Some even met on November 17, 2018 to protest . Others, to lighten the bill at the pump, decide to switch to superethanol , or E85 . The reason is that the price of this less […]

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With more fuel increase, citizens call for action

Fuel Increase: Citizens Call for National Blocking

With diesel prices rising by 23% in one year, motorists are grumbling and mobilising on the web. On social networks, we call for a national block. Motorists are fed up with rising fuel levels on the web. Diesel is poised to catch up with gas prices,  which is already the case in some service stations, and taxes are expected to increase […]

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Calls for a Block against Fuel Increases removed from Facebook

November 17th Protest Against Rising Fuel Prices: Why Events have Disappeared from Facebook

Internet users cry out for “censorship” and “conspiracy” after the disappearance of Facebook events dedicated to blocking on Saturday 17th November, 2018. What really happened Here is the conspiracy theory again. Grumbling around rising fuel prices in France … and demonstrations called  ” national block against the rise in fuel prices” abound throughout the hexagon, with a date in mind: Saturday 17th November, 2018 . A petition […]

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Fuel taxes will increase in 2019

Fuel: Taxes on Diesel and Gasoline Will (Still) Increase in 2019

The government has announced the increase of taxes of 7 cents on diesel and 4 cents on petrol, from 2019. In return, it encourages the scrapping premium. Will driving a car become a luxury? The government is continuing to raise  fuel taxes.  In 2019, those on gasoline will increase by 4 cents per liter next year , and those on diesel 7 […]

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