The unions have called for strike action this Tuesday

Strike: Between “Yellow Vests” and Big Debate, CGT and FO Want to Make their Voices Heard

CGT and FO are on strike, trying to voice this Tuesday 19th March, 2019 their claims on purchasing power. Disturbances are to be expected in the public and the private sector. CGT and FO , who boycotted the big debate, will try to make their claims on purchasing power heard on Tuesday during a day of action […]

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Lorry drivers will escalate strike action after meeting

Lorry Driver Crisis: Unions “Terrified” after Meeting with the Minister of Transport

SOCIAL CONFLICT: CFDT speaks of “very tense discussions” with Elizabeth Borne … Dirty atmosphere. Unions came out “scared” Thursday night a meeting with the Minister of Transport , Elizabeth Borne, and employers’ federations, with which the discussions were “very tense”, particularly on the implementation of the reform of the labour code by decree . Trade unions (that is to say, CFDT, CGT, […]

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CRS unblock the fuel depot in La Rochelle, back to normal at the petrol stations

Charente: CRS Dislodge the Strikers of La Rochelle, Back to Normal at the Pump

The strikers CGT and FO could not reblock fuel depots La Pallice tonight. At 3, they found themselves facing the CRS protecting access and exit of Picoty and SLB deposits. The dozen protesters are therefore content to distribute leaflets in front of the port. UPDATED Tuesday 9.30am Consequences: tank trucks are back in the stations, like this […]

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Lorry drivers have blocked oil depots across France which supply the Charente

Charente: Lorry Drivers Protest Blocking Fuel Depots

Since this morning, the CGT and FO road began a renewable movement against the reform of the Labour Code, targeting at dawn fuel depots across France. The filing of Pallice, La Rochelle, is particularly blocked. Since this morning, the CGT and FO road began a renewable movement against the reform of the Labour Code, targeting at […]

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The bridge in Saint-Nazaire will be crossed by strikers Tuesday afternoon

Saint Nazaire: The Bridge Crossed by a Strike this Tuesday afternoon

The FO and CGT unions in the public medico-social Establishment (EPMS) Littoral, based in Saint-Brevin, call on workers to demonstrate at the entrance of the bridge of Saint-Nazaire, Brévinois side between 1.30 and 3.30pm Tuesday afternoon. It may stub on the bridge of Saint-Nazaire Tuesday afternoon. The CGT and FO unions of the Établissement public médico-social […]

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The conflict between the garbage collectors and Nantes city council continues. The officers decided to take strike action

Nantes: The garbage strike resumed on Tuesday morning

The social conflict between the garbage collectors and Nantes city in the last month and a half is far from over. On Tuesday morning, the garbage men have voted in general meeting, the resumption of the strike. Meetings between management and the CGT and FO unions was on Friday. Their objective was to find a solution to the […]

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National Day of protest against the Labour law in Paris

Labour Law: The procession of Demonstrators Rushed to Paris

Opponents of the Labour Law, gathered on Tuesday for a national demonstration in Paris, marching began around 1.30pm Firecrackers, smoke bombs and horns … The dense crowd of protesters against the labour law, started the march from the Place d’Italie (thirteenth arrondissement) in Paris to lead up to the Invalides (VII).  At the head of the march […]

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NPP Nogent-sur-Seine has two reactors that could shut down in protest against Labour Law

Labour Law: Call for Nuclear Power Plants to Strike

CGT-Energy called for “strongest possible” action, the first target is the centre of Nogent-sur-Seine … After the fuel shortage, it is no the turn of the electricity. Tuesday night, the CGT-Energy called for the “strongest possible” action on Thursday, including nuclear power plants, to protest against the labor law and the deterioration of the sector, […]

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