New day of protest against the Labour Code

New day of Mobilization against the Reform of the Labour Code: The Disruption Expected

The CGT and Solidaires organized Thursday a third day against the ordinances in effect for almost a month, pending a possible broader action. The Union Sud et Solidaire call for mobilization on Thursday 19th October to protest against the reform of the labour code.  In turn, the executive has already moved on: the second part of its social reforms, those […]

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Strikes in Normandy this Thursday against reform of Labour Code

Strike against the Reform of the Labour Code: What disruptions in Normandy Thursday, October 19?

A new call for the strike was launched Thursday, October 19, 2017, against the reform of the Labour Code. Disturbances are announced in Normandy. A new ” day of action ” against the reform of the labor code is scheduled, Thursday, October 19, 2017, at the call of unions CGT and Solidaires . The public service could also be part, for its own claims on the […]

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Strike action against Labour code reforms will disrupt flights in France

Strike Action: Civil servants Strike Threatens Flight Schedules

STRIKE ACTION: France’s civil aviation authority calls on airlines to cut flights by 30% on Tuesday as civil servants plan 24-hour strike in protest over the government’s reforms to the labour code A planned civil servants strike has prompted France’s civil aviation authority to demand airlines cut flight schedules by 30% on Tuesday, the Ministry […]

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Lorry drivers will escalate strike action after meeting

Lorry Driver Crisis: Unions “Terrified” after Meeting with the Minister of Transport

SOCIAL CONFLICT: CFDT speaks of “very tense discussions” with Elizabeth Borne … Dirty atmosphere. Unions came out “scared” Thursday night a meeting with the Minister of Transport , Elizabeth Borne, and employers’ federations, with which the discussions were “very tense”, particularly on the implementation of the reform of the labour code by decree . Trade unions (that is to say, CFDT, CGT, […]

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Lorry drivers continued their action at Rennes

Rennes: New Action by Lorry Drivers on Road to Lorient, the Disturbed Circulation

The filter dams were set up since this morning … Hauliers maintain pressure in Rennes. Since Thursday morning, a barrage filter has been installed in both directions on the RN 24 on the Route to Lorient. This results in significant delays to the west of Rennes and on the ring road. Route de Lorient bloquée à #Rennes […]

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Fuel shortages in Chateau-Gontier

Chateau-Gontier: Some Stations Short of Fuel

FUEL SHORTAGES: If Total or Intermarché have not been especially affected by the fuel shortage, Leclerc and Carrefour Market have been impacted in Chateau-Gontier … Since the morning of Monday 25th September,  the usual flow of cars to the Carrefour Market gas station is interrupted. The cause ? Motorists fearing diminishing fuel – due to the fuel […]

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CRS unblock the fuel depot in La Rochelle, back to normal at the petrol stations

Charente: CRS Dislodge the Strikers of La Rochelle, Back to Normal at the Pump

The strikers CGT and FO could not reblock fuel depots La Pallice tonight. At 3, they found themselves facing the CRS protecting access and exit of Picoty and SLB deposits. The dozen protesters are therefore content to distribute leaflets in front of the port. UPDATED Tuesday 9.30am Consequences: tank trucks are back in the stations, like this […]

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Lorry drivers strike action blocking fuel depots

Lorry Driver Strike: Roads and Fuel Depots Blocked against the Reform of the Labour Code

Snail operations, blocking devices and ring roads, paralysis at fuel depots …. The CGT and FO road began Monday morning at dawn a renewable movement against the reform of the Labor Code … Snail operations, blocking devices and ring roads, paralysis at fuel depots …. The CGT and FO road began Monday morning at dawn […]

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Lorry drivers have blocked oil depots across France which supply the Charente

Charente: Lorry Drivers Protest Blocking Fuel Depots

Since this morning, the CGT and FO road began a renewable movement against the reform of the Labour Code, targeting at dawn fuel depots across France. The filing of Pallice, La Rochelle, is particularly blocked. Since this morning, the CGT and FO road began a renewable movement against the reform of the Labour Code, targeting at […]

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Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT will be in Laval on Wednesday

The boss of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, in Laval Wednesday 13/09

The general secretary of the Confédération générale du travail  (CGT), Philippe Martinez, will participate in the General Meeting of CGT unions at departmental headquarters in Laval, Wednesday, September 13, 2017. This will be the first time that Philippe Martinez went to Mayenne, as secretary general of the CGT. Wednesday, 13th September, he will participate in the […]

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