Adriana Karembeu Expects her First Child at 46

Adriana Karembeu expects her first child at the age of 46

The magazine “Voici” reveals Friday the pregnancy of Adriana Karembeu, the former model and host of France 2, at the age of 46 years. She must give birth next summer.

The photos leave no doubt. Under a large white t-shirt and unbuttoned shirt, the round belly of Adriana Karembeu unveils the good news: at 46, the former model is pregnant. It is Voici who published the photographs this Friday, where the beautiful plant appears radiant, smiling and perfectly primed in spite of its roundnesses. According to the magazine, the pregnancy is going well and the baby should be born at the end of July in Monaco.

This happy news has the air of a miracle for the one who co-hosts on France 2 with Michel Cymès a show precisely entitled … “The extraordinary powers of the human body” . In April 2017, Adriana Karembeu had entrusted Paris Match with her desire to have a child. Married in June 2014 to Aram Ohanian, an Armenian-born businessman , the Slovakian sculpturalist said: “We will try one last time to become parents […]. If this attempt fails again, we will begin an adoption procedure. ”

Adriana Karembeu revealed that she had a miscarriage in 2016. “I was crazy about happiness,” she said. Unfortunately, it was a clear egg that I lost at seven weeks of pregnancy. In the months that followed, I could not meet a pregnant woman or a baby without feeling the tears come to my eyes. I really want to become a mom, which was not the case when I was younger. ”

“It’s never too late, there are many ways”

“My desire to have (a child) is recent, she also said in the magazine Télé Loisirs in October 2017. Younger, I was not ready. When I think about it, I wonder if I made a mistake, or if I missed something. In the program “In the wild”, broadcast last January 8 on M 6, the former model still spoke of her desire to found a family: “It’s never too late, there are many ways. You just have to stop, take the time and do it […]. I had a very good career, but at 40, it’s time to ask yourself, to make a balance sheet […]. This dream of creating a family would be beautiful.”

The woman who became famous in the late 1990s thanks to her marriage to footballer Christian Karembeu ( whom she separated in 2011 ) and to a pub for bras, now lives between Monaco and Marrakech (Morocco), where her husband owns a restaurant. Aram Ohanian is already a boy’s dad. For his part, Christian Karembeu welcomed his first child last September, with Jacky Chamoun, a Lebanese skier, whom he married in May 2017.

It was Adriana, herself, who had announced the pregnancy of his ex-wife a few months ago in the TV magazine Grandes Chains: “I think his wife is pregnant. I know how happy he must be. I can not wish him anything more beautiful. ”

Like Adriana, other mom stars on the latest

Before Adriana Karembeu, other people were surprised by wearing a round belly after 45 years … It is precisely at this age that Monica Bellucci, already a mother of little Deva, gave birth to Léonie, her second daughter, born of her union with Vincent Cassel. The actress Halle Berry was 47 when she gave birth to Maceo, the son of French Olivier Martinez.

The heroine of “Thelma and Louise,” Geena Davis, was even stronger: she was 46 years old when her daughter was born and 48 when her twins arrived. Janet Jackson, meanwhile, came close to the “Guinness book of Records” by becoming a mother for the first time at the age of 50. But no person have done better than the former majority shareholder of OM Margarita Louis-Dreyfus: in March 2016, the widow of Robert Louis-Dreyfus gave birth to twins at the age of 53 years.

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