1000 people on the streets of Angoulême

A Thousand People in the Streets of Angoulême

SOCIAL: At the call of the unions, 1000 people were on the streets of Angoulême, demanding increased purchasing power A thousand people parade on the streets of Angoulême (Charente) at the call of the CGT, FO, FSU. The demands: increased purchasing power, the maintenance of public services and the fight against austerity. The procession left the […]

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More thunderstorms are forecast for the Charente

Weather in Charente: More and More Thunderstorms

WEATHER: A reasonable day for the Charente, although thunderstorms could be on the way It’s pretty good this morning with 6 degrees in the countryside and 7 degrees in Angouleme, in the sky there are some clouds, but it is the sun that should prevail today, with nice clearings. Overall the weather will be beautiful promises […]

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A grey wet start in the Charente

Weather in Charente: Grey Start with Some Rain, Improving Later

WEATHER FORECAST: The Charente will start the day with a grey sky and some rain, but should improve later in the day Meteo France forecasts that the Charente department will start under a grey sky with some rain and that this trend will continue until the beginning of the afternoon. Thereafter, the weather will become drier, […]

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Weather in Charente: Rain and Thunderstorms

WEATHER FORECAST: A mild day is forecast for the Charente department, although there will be plenty of rain and thunderstorms It is mild this morning in the Charente with 5 degrees in Angouleme. Although it is mild, the weather is wet and will alternate throughout the day between clouds, rain sometimes localised thunderstorms, though from time […]

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A darkening sky during the day in the Charente

Weather in Charente: A Darkening Sky and Rain in the Evening

WEATHER FORECAST: The Charente will have an increasingly darkening sky throughout the day with rain arriving in the evening It is cool this morning in Charente, we note minus one degrees in the countryside and zero degrees in Angoulême. The sky is a little overcast on the northern half of the department this morning, with heavy […]

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Yellow vests decapitate a puppet of Emmanuel Macron

Yellow Vests: A Puppet with the Effigy of Emmanuel Macron Decapitated, an Open Investigation

A puppet with the effigy of the President of the Republic was beheaded at a rally of yellow vests on Friday evening in Angoulême. An investigation was opened by the Prosecutor. Saturday afternoon, through a statement, the prefecture of Charente took “knowledge of the serious events that took place during a demonstration of Yellow Vests in Angouleme “. Especially with the “macabre staging during which […]

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A beautiful day is forecast for the Charente department

Weather in Charente; Beautiful day with Plenty of Sunshine

WEATHER: A Beautiful day is forecast for the Charente department with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures The sky is slightly cloudy this morning across the Charente althouth the temperatures will still be rather good with 17 degrees  in Angoulême. The clouds will eventually dissipate and it is a generous sun that will prevail at […]

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