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chb44.com (Life in France) is a blog mainly focusing on News of both local and national level, events, sports and general happenings in France, written in English so that English speakers can get an understanding of Life in France.  chb44.com is open for Guest Bloggers.  We at chb44.com believe that publishing your guest post here will help you to get few inbound links and traffic to your own blog with maximum exposure.

How to Submit Guest post here?

1.   Use the contact form on the contact us page
(a)   Blogs that you have written for
(b)   At least 1 URL where your guest articles were published
(c)   Your website link.
(d)   Topic

2.   We will review your application and will create account so you can submit your article for review here. We’ll inform you through email!

3.   Write your Quality guest post and submit it for review and we’ll review and publish ASAP.

Terms and Conditions!

Please make sure you follow the rules before posting any article on ch44.com (Life in France):

1.    Your article must be original and should not be posted anywhere else on web.

2.    The articles must contain relevant images (at least one).

3.    The article must not contain affiliate links.

4.    The article must be well-formatted, should be SEO-rich.

5.     Chb44.com reserves the rights to remove links , bio or the article itself .

6.    If anyone do not reply to email or comments with in 3-4 days, all links and author bio will be removed.

7.    Your article should be at least  500+ words.

8.    We ask that all guest bloggers stop by for a few days and reply to comments on their posts. We also require Gravatar account so your photo will appear in your bio. (It’s must!)

 What you will get?

1.   You will get 2 backlinks (only in the author Box) to your blog for each article you submit on Tech Tips Online.

2.   Although ch44.com (Life in France) is still a relatively young blog, it has a loyal group of readers who visit on a daily basis and a growing twitter following which will only grow over time, giving you, your article and the links good exposure to targeted traffic.

3.   Increased exposure, traffic, loyal readers and SEO for your blog.

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