The overdraft is expensive if its ceiling is exceeded.

One in Five French People Exceeds Their Authorised Overdraft Every Month

If the trend is down, the French are still adept at the bank overdraft authorised, which concerns six people out of 10 every year. And this service continues to be expensive. More than one in five French people exceeds the limit of their overdraft allowed once a month. This is evident from a study conducted by the Panorabanques banking comparator. […]

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A new Ducasse cooking school will open in Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine).

Meudon: Three-star Chef, Alain Ducasse will Open a Cooking School

The three-star chef Alain Ducasse will open a new cooking school in Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine), starting in September 2020.  Exit Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise), good morning Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine). 20 years after it’s opening north of Paris, Ecole Ducasse Paris Campus will move to the opposite. Head south of the capital, on the other side of the Seine. The training centre Alain Ducasse will offer a serious facelift. Indeed, it […]

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The consumption of steaks contaminated with E. coli germ can have serious consequences in children.

System U Recalls Frozen Steak Hache, No Contamination with E. coli Bacteria

Complementary examinations confirm that any suspicion of E. coli contamination is removed. New alert regarding contaminated steak Hache. System U indicates Thursday 101th October 2019 have withdrawn from sale a lot of frozen hamburger steak hache “because of a suspicion of the presence of E. coli germ“. Later in the day, U stores raised the alert in a press release […]

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The weather in Charente will improve during the day

Weather in Charente: The Sky is Emerging

WEATHER: The forecast for the weather in Charente this Thursday 10th October 2019, is for gradual improvement throughout the day with an afternoon with few clouds The forecast for the weather in Charente this Thursday 10th October 2019, is for gradual improvement throughout the day with an afternoon with few clouds according to the latest […]

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The weather in Cantal will be a mixed day this Thursday

Weather in Cantal: A Mixed Day of Showers, Clouds and a Little Sunshine

The weather in Cantal will be very mixed this Thursday, between showers, clouds and a little sun. Hello everyone, it is Thursday 10th October 2019. We are in for a mixed day as far as the weather in cantal according to the latest forecast from Meteo France. Rain in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon At […]

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Designed for polar navigation, the RCGS Resolute is the ideal vessel for exploring ice-filled fjords around Chilie

Navigation in the Frozen Meanders of Patagonia

Vacation with Adventure: To Southern Chile, the Fjords labyrinth reserves its wild beauty for exploration boats There are not many unexplored places in the world anymore. Among these rarely preserved territories, Chilean Patagonia still acts as the ultimate frontier. Dogged by millennia-old ice, scratched by raging winds and gnawed by torrential rains, the “Magellanes” are a myth for all lovers […]

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Helicopters in the Charente Sky: It was Army Manoeuvres

Did you have a problem sleeping last night in the Charente? Many people were reporting noise in the night sky especially above Champniers, but also in Saint-Yrieix or Chazelles Many of you are reporting a din in the Charente sky this night, especially above Champniers, but also in Saint-Yrieix or Chazelles. With a peak between midnight […]

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