38 new covid-19 deaths were recorded in 24 hours by the French health authorities

Covid-19: 138 New Deaths in 24 Hours, Nearly 2,500 People in Intensive Care

While the curfew now concerns 46 million French people, nearly 2,500 people are currently in intensive care. Update on the Covid-19 epidemic. A new “record” of 45,422 new Covid-19 contaminations was reached on Saturday 24th October 2020 in the space of 24 hours, after the milestone of one million confirmed cases was crossed the day before. In the health bulletin published Saturday evening […]

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State of health emergency extended until February 16th because of coronavirus Covid-19

Covid-19: State of Health Emergency Extended until February 16th

The deputies voted on Saturday evening for the extension of the state of health emergency, as wished by the government. But the debates were lively. While two out of three French people are now subject to a night curfew in an attempt to halt the exponential progression of Covid-19, the National Assembly adopted on Saturday 24th October 2020 at […]

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Jean Castex warned the French that the coming November would be very difficult

Coronavirus: Why is the Month of November Going to be “Trying” as Jean Castex Foresees?

EPIDEMIC: During the weekly health update on the coronavirus, Jean Castex indicated that the month of November will be very hard for France. On Thursday, Prime Minister Jean Castex described the coming November as “trying” for France during the weekly health update on the coronavirus. While the October figures are already catastrophic, Jean Castex warned that […]

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Spanish head of government Pedro Sanchez has increased the number of people infected with covid-19 in Spain from 1 million (official) to more than 3 million

Coronavirus in Spain: The “Real Number” of Infected People “Exceeds Three Million”, assures Pedro Sanchez

PANDEMIC: The head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez has revised upwards the official number of coronavirus infected people Three times more than the official figure. In a televised statement devoted to measures against  Covid-19, the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez said on Friday that the “real number” of people infected with the virus in Spain since the […]

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More than 41000 positive cases in France in 24 hours

Coronavirus: More than 41,000 New Cases in France in 24 Hours, A Record

PANDEMIC: The country recorded a new record of coronavirus cases on Thursday with 41,622 infected The situation is not improving in France. According to figures from Public Health France , the country recorded this Thursday more 41,622 new cases of coronavirus. This is 15,000 more than the day before, a new record. France has recorded 165 new deaths linked to Coronavirus […]

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New restrictions and curfews announced by Jean Castex for France to deal with Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus: Curfew in 38 departments, 115 Million for Culture… What to Retain from the Government’s Announcements?

Jean Castex and several ministers announced the new restrictive measures which will come into force on midnight Friday, but also a vast plan to help the culture sector Prime Minister Jean Castex unveiled on Thursday the new restriction measures to fight against the spread of the coronavirus in France. He stressed that these measures come while in recent days, “the […]

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"Reconfinement on October 26": where does the rumour come from?

“Reconfinement on October 26th”: Where Does the Rumour Come From?

A message posted on social networks ignited the powder. While some are wondering about a possible reconfinement, we should not believe everything we see happening. An endless epidemic. The second wave of the Covid-19 coronavirus has arrived in France, it is now a certainty. The number of new infections is increasing daily and hospitalizations are on the rise, […]

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London calls for "fundamental change of approach" from Europeans on Brexit trade negotiations

Brexit: The EU Can ‘Negotiate’ But Will Not Change ‘Approach’ on Trade Negotiations

DIPLOMACY: London calls for “fundamental change of approach” from Europeans on Brexit trade negotiations The standoff between the European Union and the United Kingdom continues. “We will not have a new approach”, declared Clément Beaune before the European Affairs Committee of the National Assembly. He thus clearly rejected a demand by Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding post- Brexit negotiations. The head of the […]

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Wales has returned into two weeks confinement due to the coronavirus epidemic

Coronavirus: Wales Returns to Two Weeks of Confinement

EPIDEMIC: These measures in Wales are currently the strictest in Europe to combat the coronavirus epidemic Do you find the curfew hardly bearable? Think of the  Welsh. The country announced Monday the establishment starting Friday, confinement for two weeks to try to curb the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, introducing the toughest restrictions in the UK. From 6 p.m. Friday, […]

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The number of new coronavirus cases in 24 hours exceeds 30,000 for the first time

Coronavirus: The Number of New Cases in 24 Hours Exceeds 30,000 for the First Time

EPIDEMIC: The coronavirus epidemic continues to rise in France, while the government has just announced a set of restrictive measures to curb it The Covid-19 indicators worsened further this Thursday with more than 30,000 new cases of contamination in 24 hours, a record number, and daily admissions in intensive care which continue to increase, according to figures from Public Health France. […]

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