Oil tanker from Iran arrives at Venezuela

Iranian Oil Tanker Arrives in Venezuela Waters

FUEL SHORTAGES: Venezuela experiences one of the worst fuel shortages in its history The first of the five oil tankers sent by Iran to Venezuela to supply fuels entered the waters of this country on Saturday, escorted by military ships of Venezuelan forces, announced the Minister of Petroleum Tareck El Aissami. The tanker from “our sister the Islamic Republic of Iran” […]

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The StopCovid digital tracking app

Australia: The Country’s StopCovid has Identified Just a Single Case Despite the Millions of Downloads

DETECTION: To date, the digital tracking app similar to StopCovid has identified only one “contact case”, namely a person potentially infected with the coronavirus Countries around the world are developing digital plotting applications. Supposed to stem the Covid-19 epidemic, these apps do not necessarily keep their promises. In Australia, the COVIDSafe application, launched at the end of April, has so far […]

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Very slight increase in the number of patients hospitalised with Covid-19 in France

Covid-19: Very Slight Increase in the Number of Patients Hospitalised in France

The coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic continues to decline overall, despite a slight increase in hospitalisations since the day before, according to the latest health report, this Sunday 24th May  At the end of the first long weekend after May 11th, the health authorities took stock of the Covid-19 epidemic on Sunday 24th May 2020. In a press release, the Directorate […]

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In Pakistan, 97 dead in Air crash

Pakistan: 97 Dead in Air Crash, Survivor says “Screams”

An Airbus A320 crashed Friday in a residential area of ​​Karachi, Pakistan. “There was screaming everywhere,” said Mohammad Zubair, one of two survivors of an Airbus A320 crash on Friday in a residential area in Karachi, the big city in southern Pakistan, in which 97 people died. After the plane hit the ground, “I regained consciousness” and “I […]

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With deconfinement a new box added to certificate for trips over 100km

Deconfinement: A New Box Added to the Certificate for Trips of More Than 100 km

DECONFINEMENT: In a decree published this Thursday in the Official Journal, a new certificate provides for an eighth scenario during deconfinement There were “professional”, “family”, “school” or “legal” motives…. There are now also “real estate” motives. From this Thursday, a new version of the certificate to be completed to make a trip of more than 100 km outside his department […]

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Brazil now has the third highest coronavirus Covid-19 contaminations

Coronavirus: Brazil Becomes the Third Country in Terms of Contamination

BRAZIL: In just 72 hours, Brazil surpassed France, Italy and Spain, leaping from 6th to 3rd place in the world for coronavirus contaminations Brazil with an official total of 254,220 people infected, on Monday, became the third country in the world in terms of contaminations coronavirus, surpassing the United Kingdom, which has nearly 250,000. Brazil has registered 13,140 […]

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Italy reopens its borders to European tourists from June 3

Coronavirus: Italy Reopens its Borders to European Tourists from June 3rd

While the Italian economy, very dependent on tourism, suffers, the Italian government announced the opening of borders to nationals of the European Union. Deckchairs and parasols at a distance, systematic disinfection … Italy is doing everything to be able to welcome holidaymakers on its beaches this summer , which represent a significant windfall for its economy on the verge […]

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The prefect of Haute-Garonne has banned the demonstration of yellow vests scheduled for Saturday, May 16, 2020

Toulouse: The Prefecture Bans the Demonstration of Yellow Vests Announced for Saturday

The yellow vests had planned to resume the path of protests this Saturday 16th May 2020, in Toulouse. The prefect has just banned any demonstration that day. “The demonstration of yellow vests on Saturday 16th May 2020 are prohibited in Toulouse”. In a statement published in the middle of the day Thursday 14th May 2020, Etienne Guyot, prefect […]

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In Venezuela, France protests treatment inflicted on its ambassador

Venezuela: France Protests Treatment Inflicted on its Ambassador

DIPLOMACY: Since May 2nd, roadblocks have been erected by the police in the rue de Caracas where the residence of the French ambassador is located. To protest against the treatment inflicted on its diplomatic representation in Caracas, France summoned, on Wednesday, the Venezuela ambassador to Paris, against a backdrop of tensions with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, French diplomacy announced on Thursday. “France expresses […]

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Bars and restaurants could reopen after the 2nd June

Bars and Restaurants: Reopening Possible on June 2nd for “Green” Departments

This date should be fixed at the end of May, said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe this Thursday 14th May 2020, after the inter-ministerial committee. We know more about the reopening of bars, cafes and restaurants. The government has indeed presented this Thursday 14th May 2020 the main measures of its “Marshall plan” aimed at reviving the tourism industry.  Le tourisme fait […]

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