A Walk from St-Denis to Meslay-du-Maine

Some ideas for hiking in the area between Saint-Denis-du-Maine and Meslay-du-Maine in the Mayenne department of the Pays de la Loire

The idea of ​​hiking over the weekend or during the week in the Pays de la Loire, then try the Mayenne direction for a loop between Saint-Denis-du-Maine and Meslay-du-Maine .

From the village, do not hesitate to make a detour (at departure or arrival) by the public garden, facing the castle of Bourg (which hosts a Catholic fraternity), and the Romanesque church whose construction dates back to Twelfth century; the building houses murals, discovered in 1985. Join the leisure center passing near the laundry (by the street of the same name).


Many other activities are offered, except swimming. The site is known for its swingolf course. On the water, among the bird species, you may see some Great Crested Grebe. Bypass the lake to its southwestern end, where a pedestrian and cycle track leads to Meslay.

Once on the industrial area, turn right and continue straight on the Chemin de la Grande Guiternière.

At a place called La Petite Lande, follow the road to the right then turn left on the small asphalt road.

At Walnut, take the path straight ahead. At the crossing in the undergrowth, turn left and follow the shaded path to Laval Street (D21) Meslay. Turn left and join the Brûlon path.

12th century church

Once out of the path, turn left and then the first left into the subdivisions. Take the street of Anjou. At the crossroads with rue du Maine, turn left and immediately right and go straight on the path to La Touche. This leads to the City Hall Park. On the market place, pass near the church, with its famous twisted bell tower and its tower of the twelfth century.

On the D21 (direction Sablé), take rue de la Bretonnière and continue straight ahead after the roundabout.

Warning: along the north of the racecourse, the path to St-Denis is now condemned.

At the crossroads, follow the road on the left leading directly to the village.