An earthquake shook western France on Friday June 16, 2023 around 6:30 p.m

Earthquake in Western France: Strong Tremor with a Magnitude between 5.3 and 5.8, Material Damage Recorded

The earthquake, with an epicentre halfway between La Rochelle and Niort, was felt from Bordeaux to Saint-Malo It was 6:38 p.m. when the building began to shake. A slight ripple cast a silence in our little editorial office. In the heat and humidity of a Friday evening, the earth shook in Rennes. The Breton capital is not […]

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Accident at Leroy Merlin: a client crushed by 300 kg of wooden panels in Charente-Maritime

Charente-Maritime: Accident at Leroy Merlin, Client Crushed by 300 kg of Wooden Panels

The victim, seriously injured, was transferred to the hospital in Poitiers (Vienne). The reason why the wooden walls would have collapsed is still unknown. An investigation is opened. Drama at the Leroy Merlin store in Puilboreau, in the agglomeration of La Rochelle this Wednesday afternoon, in Charente-Maritime. A 50-year-old customer was seriously injured after an incident in the outdoor courtyard […]

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Two cyclists killed by a car in the Charente-Maritime

Charente-Maritime: Two Cyclists Killed by a Car

Two amateur cyclists have been killed in an accident with a cat in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime).  A third is slightly injured. Amateur cycling is still bereaved by a dramatic accident in the region. This morning, in Périgny, in the suburbs of La Rochelle, a group of five cyclists was struck by a motorist on a secondary […]

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Customs officers discovered 2.3 tonnes of cannabis resin in a truck near La Rochelle.

La Rochelle: 2.3 Tonnes of Cannabis Discovered in a Truck, a Record Seizure

On the night of Thursday 19th October, customs of La Rochelle found 2,362 kg of cannabis resin in a truck. Both drivers were indicted. This is a record seizure for 2017. On the night of Thursday, October 19, 2017, the customs of La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime)intercepted a truck registered in Morocco, on the A10, within which were hidden 2362 kg of […]

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CRS unblock the fuel depot in La Rochelle, back to normal at the petrol stations

Charente: CRS Dislodge the Strikers of La Rochelle, Back to Normal at the Pump

The strikers CGT and FO could not reblock fuel depots La Pallice tonight. At 3, they found themselves facing the CRS protecting access and exit of Picoty and SLB deposits. The dozen protesters are therefore content to distribute leaflets in front of the port. UPDATED Tuesday 9.30am Consequences: tank trucks are back in the stations, like this […]

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Lorry drivers have blocked oil depots across France which supply the Charente

Charente: Lorry Drivers Protest Blocking Fuel Depots

Since this morning, the CGT and FO road began a renewable movement against the reform of the Labour Code, targeting at dawn fuel depots across France. The filing of Pallice, La Rochelle, is particularly blocked. Since this morning, the CGT and FO road began a renewable movement against the reform of the Labour Code, targeting at […]

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Due to strikes by tanker drivers, it is causing a shortage of fuel at petrol stations

Strikes by tanker drivers: New Filter Dams

Filter dams were set up in front of several depots and refineries. The Ile-de-France is mainly affected. Strike renewed, filter dams, the first major supply problems. The social movement by drivers of hazardous materials (fuel, gas, chemicals …) continues Tuesday with, among others, filter dams at oil depots which resumed in Ile de France and La Rochelle (Charente […]

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Storm Leiv has left 60,000 homes without electricity in the Southwest France

Storm Leiv swept the Southwest, 60,000 Homes without Electricity

Meteo France lifted the orange alert to the winds, triggered by the passage of storm Leiv for all departments. 250,000 homes were without electricity early afternoon but things are gradually returning to normal. They are no more than about 60 000 this Saturday night. 2000 Enedis technicians are hard at work. Wind gusts to 148 […]

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