Eleanor storm, 25 departments remain on Orange alert

Eleanor Storm: 25 Departments on Orange Alert for Floods, Missing Firefighter

After the passage of the Eleanor storm, which leaves behind three dead and one missing firefighter, 25 departments remain on orange alert for flooding on Friday 5th January. The Eleanor storm left three dead and one missing in France since Wednesday. She leaves behind flooded villages, the skiers stranded with the risk of avalanches and exceptional fires in Corsica, which are […]

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The level of the Seine rose rapidly, Wednesday, January 3, 2018 in the early afternoon. In Rouen (Seine-Maritime), the docks were submerged.

Rouen: After Eleanor Storm, the Seine Overflows in Rouen, Submerged Docks

Due to heavy rains caused by the storm Eleanor, the level of the Seine rose steadily, Wednesday 3rd January, 2018. In Rouen (Seine-Maritime), it overflowed around 2pm. Fast and hard. Wednesday, January 3, 2018, the level of the  Seine  rose rapidly following the heavy rains of recent storms, including  Eleanor . By early afternoon, the river burst its banks in  Rouen (Seine-Maritime) , to […]

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Florian Valéra plays the role of Peter Pan in Disney show that will be presented on 28 and 29 November 2017. Rouen Zenith

The Magical World of Disney on Ice will Marvel at the Rouen Zenith

Florian Valéra is an ice skater and top athlete, and is in the Disney on Ice that will step in Rouen Zenith on the 28th and 29th November 2017. The show Disney on Ice the imaginary journey arrives in France at the end of 2017 and will be presented at the Zenith of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) on 28 and 29 November 2017. Mickey, […]

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The weekend weather forecast for Normandy

Weather in Normandy: A Weekend of Rain, Hail and Thunderstorms

The weekend weather for Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November looks gloomy in Normandy.The forecast, rain, hail and thunderstorms with gusty winds. Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November, 2017, the weather looks very gloomy in five departments of Normandy . The Saturday will be rainy, from morning until evening. And the Sunday will be punctuated by rain showers of hail and storms . If the climate is not […]

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A serious accident left two people dead and two seriously injured Wednesday 1 November 2017, in Mesnil-Raoul, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime).

Terrible Road Accident in Seine-Maritime: Two Dead, Two Seriously Injured

Wednesday 1st November 2017, a very serious road accident occurred in Mesnil-Raoul, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Two people died and two were seriously injured. On Wednesday 1st November 2017, around 5.30pm, a very serious accident between two cars took place on the route to Paris road at Mesnil-Raoul, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Two vehicles collided, head on.  Two dead and two seriously injured The […]

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Neighbors of Grand'Mare in Rouen, behind what remains of the camp of migrants, yesterday

Rouen: A Camp of Fifty Migrants Evacuated

Fearing the installation of a migrant camp in Rouen, the prefecture has arrested fifty people yesterday morning. Some will be relocated, others deported. All that was left of the Camp, yesterday morning a few bags, and neighbors who are struggling to understand.  “The migrants arrived Friday night”, said a resident of the nearest block of apartments.  “They were […]

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Railway workers in Normandy will be on strike this weekend

Normandy: A Strike by CFDT Rail Workers this Weekend

At the call of the CFDT, the railway workers will be on strike this weekend until 8am on Tuesday. The notice is for National and local staff at stations throughout Normandy. This Friday 14th April 2017, 80 intentions for strikes were recorded in Normandy among controllers. The strikers are protesting against such premium arrears, unregulated by SNCF, […]

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Departments in Normabdy are on a Yellow warning for snow and ice

Weather: Snow and ice, the cold settles in Normandy

Orne, Calvados and Manche are under a yellow warning for snow and ice during the night. Seine-Maritime prefecture triggered the alert “cold weather”. Three departments under snow and ice warning The cold settles in Normandy. In the night from Wednesday 8th to Thursday, February 9, 2017, the former Lower Normandy is under yellow alert for […]

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