The CGT union is calling to join the Yellow Vests demonstration on Saturday, January 19, 2019, in Le Havre and Rouen (Seine-Maritime), in anticipation of a call to strike on February 5, 2019.

For Act X, The CGT will Parade “Alongside Yellow Vests” in Rouen and Le Havre

The CGT of Seine-Maritime calls to join the Yellow Vests Saturday 19th January, 2019, “to force the government and the employers to respond to the social emergency.” The departmental union Seine-Maritime CGT calls to “demonstrate alongside Yellow Vests, and this from Saturday, January 19”, in a statement released Friday, January 18, 2019. The union was not convinced by […]

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Near Rouen a man was burnt to his hands and face in a workshop fire

Fire near Rouen: A Burning Workshop, a Man Burned to the Hands and Face

A man was burned to the hands and face in the fire of a workshop adjoining a pavilion on Saturday 12th January, 2019, in Franqueville-Saint-Pierre, near Rouen. A fire broke out in Franqueville-Saint-Pierre, in the metropolis of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) , on Saturday 12th January, 2019. A man was seriously injured in the incident. Burned to the hands and face According to the […]

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Tensions rose in the Seine-Maritime by yellow vests protesters

Act 9 of the Yellow Vests in Seine-Maritime: Second Part of the Day Under Tension

After a relatively quiet morning, the atmosphere became tense in the afternoon during act 9 of the mobilisation of yellow vests in Seine-Maritime, Saturday 12th January, 2019. The act IX mobilisation Yellow Jackets began rather quietly in Seine-Maritime Saturday 12th January, 2019. The atmosphere was increasingly tense in the second half of the day. Small groups of demonstrators played hide-and-seek with […]

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The mobilisation of yellow vests is still very strong in Rouen

Yellow Vests Act 9: A Large-Scale Event in Rouen

Despite some arrests, the mobilisation of yellow vests for act 9 in Seine-Maritime took place in the calm during the morning. She is very strong in Rouen. The act 9 of the Yellow Jackets mobilised many protesters in Seine-Maritime Saturday 12th January, 2019. The dreaded rally in Rouen by the authorities, took place peacefully during the first part of the day. In Le Havre, […]

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Leaders and Business demand the end of violence in Rouen by Yellow Vests

Act 9 Yellow Vests: The Elected and Business Leaders of Rouen Demand the End of the violence

Parliamentarians and business leaders of Rouen ask that “the period of the sales is not disturbed by new attacks of violence”, Friday 11th January, 2019. With every mobilisation of yellow vests , many would like the violence not to be systematic. Foremost among them, parliamentarians and actors of the economic world of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) , who published an open letter Friday 11th January, 2019, the eve […]

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More Yellow Vests protesters in Rouen this weekend

Act VIII Yellow Vests: In Rouen, the Movement is Reviving, Violence is Taking Hold

Many clashes have marked the demonstration of Yellow Vests, Saturday 5th January, 2018 in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). The mobilisation was greater than that of December 29th. A huge fire arises from the Place du Vieux-Marché , emblematic place of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) . The scene is impressive and takes place around 2:45 pm under the eyes of traders, residents and tourists incredulous. Some take pictures. Many yellow […]

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A disused supermarket near Rouen ravaged by a fire

A Disused Supermarket Ravaged by a Violent Fire near Rouen

On the night of Thursday 3rd to Friday 4th January, 2019, a major fire ravaged the former supermarket Intermarché, Petit-Quevilly (Seine-Maritime). There was no injury. The fire broke out at the end of the evening, Thursday 3rd January, 2019 in Petit-Quevilly near Rouen (Seine-Maritime) . It lasted part of the night, requiring the intervention of many firefighters on the […]

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Near Rouen, yellow vests block access to oil terminal

Near Rouen, Yellow Vests Block Access to the Oil Terminal

Early Wednesday 2nd January, 2019, Yellow Vests gathered at the entrance to the Rubis oil terminal in Grand Quevilly. They prevented trucks from entering. The truce confectioners will have been short, in the agglomeration of  Rouen  for  yellow vests . Wednesday 2nd January, 2019, about sixty of them blocked a few hours access to the Rubis oil depot in  Grand-Quevilly (Seine-Maritime) . A strategic […]

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Road accident in Seine-Maritime left 10 injured

Ten Wounded including Three Children, in a Road Accident in Seine-Maritime

On the evening of Monday 31st December, 2018, an accident involving two cars and ten people occurred in the town of Doudeville, in the country of Caux (Seine-Maritime). Ten people were involved in a road accident Monday 31st December, 2018, in the town of Doudeville (Seine-Maritime). One of the victims was seriously injured. Three people released from jail It was a […]

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Exhibition in Le Havre, Seine-Maritime

Various Exhibitions or Comedy … Our Ideas of Outings in Seine-Maritime this Monday

The ideas of outings in the Seine-Maritime are not lacking for Monday 3rd December, 2018. As every day, the editorial team has prepared your selection. Hello Seine-Maritime!  No surprise in the sky, Monday 3rd December, 2018: it will rain! The end of the night will be marked by thunderstorms, in the north of the department, placed […]

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