Lorry Drivers Strike Action

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Lorry Drivers Strike
Lorry Drivers Strike

Last night saw the start of the lorry drivers strike, where they have targeted 50 key areas throughout France, where the lorry drivers are going to be staging a series of go slow blockages throughout France, and will be aiming to be disrupting traffic, mainly around the large cities and at the main traffic junctions.  They plan to block roads, oil depots, distribution centres and industrial sites.  So if you are doing any travelling, keep a look out before you travel for any disturbances, so that you can plan an alternative route if need be.

This could also cause disturbances to the post as well, as the last time they did a similar protest during December, it caused havoc with the post with many letters, Christmas cards and parcels arriving late or even into the New Year.

The Union, the CGT, who are representing the Lorry drivers are looking for higher wages including the 13th Month wage, as well as better work practices and job protection of it drivers.



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