When Johnny Hallyday Wanted to be Remembered as “a French Rocker …”

Johnny Hallyday declared himself as a French Rocker

HERITAGE: The unpublished interview will be broadcast on C8 June 6th in a documentary on the singer, Johnny Hallyday

The court of Nanterre will decide, May 28, if it is competent to judge the dispute opposing the heirs of Johnny Hallyday . At the heart of the case lies the question of the nationality of Johnny who made his will under California law, authorising him to disinherit his first two children , David Hallyday and Laura Smet.

If the court considers that Johnny Hallyday was French, he will declare himself competent to judge the validity of the will. And David and Laura can reasonably hope to win. But a new element brings water to their mill.

“I am a French rocker”

In Touche Pas à Mon Poste , on Wednesday, Cyril Hanouna unveiled the images of a new interview in which Johnny Hallyday declares: “I am a French rocker, I am French and I play rock’n’roll. Of course I do songs in English, but I mostly do songs in French. “Boom! It should be noted that these remarks were made after the establishment of his California will.

The entire interview will be broadcast in a documentary dedicated to the singer, June 6, on C8.

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