Ten Wounded including Three Children, in a Road Accident in Seine-Maritime

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Road accident in Seine-Maritime left 10 injured

On the evening of Monday 31st December, 2018, an accident involving two cars and ten people occurred in the town of Doudeville, in the country of Caux (Seine-Maritime).

Ten people were involved in a road accident Monday 31st December, 2018, in the town of Doudeville (Seine-Maritime). One of the victims was seriously injured.

Three people released from jail

It was a little before 8 pm on the evening of the eve, that the firefighters were called rue Henri-Delanos, on the Departmental road 20. Two cars crashed there.

When they arrived, the rescue services included the extrication of three people stuck in the back of one of the vehicles.

A serious injury

In all, ten victims are to be deplored in the accident. One of them, a man, was seriously injured and was evacuated at Rouen University Hospital.  Three children were also among them.

Four light wounded were also transported to Rouen University Hospital, the others were taken to the Dieppe hospital. The road had to be cut off during the firefighters’ intervention, which lasted about two hours.

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