Pôle Emploi announce a reduction of job seekers in France

Pôle Emploi: The Drop in the Number of Unemployed is Confirmed in the 4th Auarter of 2019

UNEMPLOYMENT: The number of job seekers in category A fall by 1.7% (–55,700) at the end of 2019 according to the Pôle Emploi The decline continues for unemployment. According to Dares figures published on Monday, the number of people registered with Pôle Emploi and required to look for a job (categories A, B, C) stood at 5.44 million people in […]

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Lakers star Kobe Bryant died on Sunday January 26, 2020.

NBA Star Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

The American basketball player, Kobe Bryant died Sunday 26th January 2020 at the age of 41, announces the site TMZ. Basketball player Kobe Bryant, NBA star, died tragically in a helicopter crash, the U.S. website TMZ announced Sunday 26th January 2020. The accident occurred this Sunday in Calabasas in Southern California. Local authorities confirmed that a helicopter crash claimed five lives, but […]

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Coronavirus: French People from Wuhan who Wish to be Repatriated 1

Coronavirus: French People from Wuhan who Wish to be Repatriated

The Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn held a press conference on Sunday 26th January 2020 after a meeting in Matignon with a part of the government. French expatriates in Wuhan who wish to be repatriated announced the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn on Sunday 26th January 2020.  This repatriation by plane and organized by the […]

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Precautions against the coronavirus epidemic in Singapore, January 22, 2020.

Chinese Virus: Three Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed in France

The coronavirus, responsible for 41 deaths in China according to a last provisional assessment, arrived in France. Three patients are affected, in Bordeaux and Paris. Three cases of the new Chinese coronavirus were “confirmed” in France, on patients hospitalized in Paris and Bordeaux, announced Friday 25th January 2020 in the evening the French health authorities, stressing that these were […]

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Batteries on US four-ton satellite threaten to explode

Space: Batteries on US Four-Ton Satellite Threaten to Explode

ORBIT: The satellite should be far from its orbit, in order to protect the other satellites Its battery threatens to explode a few thousand kilometres from Earth, endangering the surrounding devices. An anomaly on a satellite in geostationary orbit led the television operator DirecTV to make a request for the removal of its device to the American authorities. The satellite, Spaceway 1, […]

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A suspected case of coronavirus 2019-nCov was taken care of by SOS Doctors in Bordeaux (Gironde)

Coronavirus: A Patient Hospitalised in Bordeaux for Suspicious Symptoms after a Stay in China

This Thursday 23rd January 2020, a suspected case of coronavirus 2019-nCov was taken care of by SOS Doctors in Bordeaux (Gironde). The patient, originally from China, was hospitalised. A suspected case of 2019-nCov coronavirus has been identified in Bordeaux (Gironde). This Thursday 23rd January, SOS Doctors took care of a patient, originally from China where the virus has spread, who had […]

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1500 people are marching in Angouleme against the pension reform

Pension Reform: Around 1500 people March in Angouleme

PENSION REFORM: In Angouleme (Charente) 1500 people are marching against the proposed pension reform by the government Opponents of the pension reform by the government are demonstrating again this Friday in Angouleme (Charente) when the bill has just been presented to the Council of Ministers. Departing from Angouleme station at around 10.30am, there are around […]

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The weather in Charente will see the sun coming back

Weather in Charente: The Sun is Coming Back

WEATHER: The weather in Charente will see the return of the sun, intermittently this afternoon It is mild this morning in Charente, the sky is dotted with grey clouds and should remain so until early afternoon according to the latest forecast from Meteo France, where the threatening clouds will emerge and the sun should shine […]

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Disneyland closes in shanghai to try to stop spread of Coronavirus

Disneyland Closes in Shanghai to Try and Stop Coronavirus Spread

Shanghai Disney Resort is temporarily closing to help prevent the spread of a new coronavirus outbreak. The flu-like virus first originated in Wuhan, China, at the start of the month and has so-far killed 26 people and infected more than 830. Park operators at Walt Disney Co’s Shanghai Disney Resort have now said the area […]

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The provisional assessment of the viral epidemic reaches twenty-five deaths, on January 24, 2020.

Virus in China: Death Toll Rises to 26, including a Second Outside Wuhan

The new coronavirus continues to spread in China, while the WHO ruled on Thursday 23rd January 2020 that it was too early to declare the international emergency. Nearly a dozen Chinese cities were cordoned off on Friday 24th January 2020 at the epicentre of the viral epidemic, the toll of which increased again shortly after the WHO gave up […]

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