Hot in Normandy: Several Cities Beat Heat Records

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Record temperatures have been recorded in Normandy for April

Heat records for a month of April were reached on April 19th, 2018, in Normandy. A high temperature that will last, before a sharp decline on Tuesday 24th April.

The sun hit hard and the mercury climbed high Thursday, April 19, 2018. Meteo France has even recorded  monthly temperature records everywhere in Normandy , such as Rouen (Seine-Maritime), Lisieux ,  Deauville (Calvados) or Valognes (Manche) . That is to say, it has never been so hot in April, since the beginning of the temperature survey. A summer situation that will last all weekend.

The record heat persists

The mercury rose to 26.7 ° C at Deauville, 28.4 ° C at Lisieux, 27 ° C at Falaise, 27.1 ° C at Flers (Orne), 25.1 ° C at Valognes,  27, 2 ° C in Rouen . The previous record recorded in Rouen dates from 2015. Météo France had recorded 26.4 ° C, 76actuindicates the station of Boos.

A record heat that will persist. “Today  (Friday 20th April, ed)  and tomorrow, we expect 27 ° C in Rouen, says Karine Aroles, Météo France forecaster. There will be a slight decline Sunday and Monday with 25 ° C, before returning to seasonal temperatures on Tuesday. We will lose about 10 ° C, since it will not be more than 15 degrees. ”

Thursday 19th April, other monthly records of heat were recorded as in Troyes (Aube) and Creil (Somme) .

The forecasts for Saturday 21 April 2018 in Normandy
The forecasts for Saturday 21 April 2018. (© Screenshot Météo France)

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