Near Rouen, Yellow Vests Block Access to the Oil Terminal

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Near Rouen, yellow vests block access to oil terminal

Early Wednesday 2nd January, 2019, Yellow Vests gathered at the entrance to the Rubis oil terminal in Grand Quevilly. They prevented trucks from entering.

The truce confectioners will have been short, in the agglomeration of  Rouen  for  yellow vests . Wednesday 2nd January, 2019, about sixty of them blocked a few hours access to the Rubis oil depot in  Grand-Quevilly (Seine-Maritime) . A strategic site, already targeted in early December 2019 with the CGT .

Between 60 and 80 yellow vests block access

According to protesters, they were between 60 and 80 yellow vests, from 4am, to block the main access to the Rubis oil terminal on Stalingrad Boulevard. “Dozens of trucks are immobilized,” says the source, who says that the blockage is total and only led by yellow jackets of Rouen. An action that was lifted around 9 am, with the arrival of the police on the spot.

According to a yellow Vest present, "dozens of trucks" are blocked.
According to a yellow Vest present, “dozens of trucks” are blocked. (© DR)

A strategic site for oil and fuel for Normandy

Given the strategic nature of the repository, the main hydrocarbon supply site within the Rouen agglomeration and in Normandy, this total blockage should not please. Trucks that distribute fuel throughout  Haute-Normandie ( Eure and Seine-Maritime ) and even beyond (in the Oise SommeOrne …) are supplied.

During the last action blocking the terminal, Monday 3rd December, 2018, the blockers were gone before the intervention of police, around 4pm. They justified their actions by blocking the “producer” rather than the “consumer”.

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