Various Exhibitions or Comedy … Our Ideas of Outings in Seine-Maritime this Monday

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Exhibition in Le Havre, Seine-Maritime

The ideas of outings in the Seine-Maritime are not lacking for Monday 3rd December, 2018. As every day, the editorial team has prepared your selection.

Hello Seine-Maritime! 

No surprise in the sky, Monday 3rd December, 2018: it will rain! The end of the night will be marked by thunderstorms, in the north of the department, placed in yellow alert by Meteo-France .

All day, the atmosphere will be humid. However, slight thinnings of the clouds are to be expected, still north.

Sales exhibition

An exhibition and sale is organized in Carmel Monestry in Le Havre
An exhibition and sale is organised in Carmel Monastery in Le Havre (© Lou Benoist.)

The Carmelite Sisters invite you to discover their crafts and the know-how of many other monasteries. Many items for sale: tableware, jams, delicatessen etc.

Practical information:
Monday, December 3, 2018, at the Carmel Monastery, 151 rue Félix-Faure, Le Havre.
Free entry.


Louise Ganot, a graduate of ESADHaR (DNAP), she is inspired by comics, illustrator blogs, vintage, musicals, sports and her cats (#miaougraou) . She exhibited at La Parenthèse, gallery of the cultural department of the University of Le Havre.

Practical information:
Until December 20, 2018, at La Parenthèse, 50 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Le Havre.
More info online here .
Free entry.


The Dubocage Museum of Bléville in the Seine Maritime, presents an exhibition dedicated to Jean Biette.
The Dubocage Museum of Bléville presents an exhibition dedicated to Jean Biette. (© Jean Biette.)

The Dubocage Hotel in Bléville presents the exhibition Jean Biette-Illustration of the life of Le Havre, 1914-1918. Mobilised in Le Havre as a performer, during the First World War, Jean Biette, artist and friend of Renoir and Matisse, travelled the city and the port. A series of 35 small watercolors testifies to this period.

Practical information:
Until February 10, 2019, at the Dubocage Hotel in Bléville, 1 rue Jérôme-Bellarmato, Le Havre.
From 10.30am to 12.30pm and from 1.45pm to 5.30pm, every day except Tuesday.
Free entry.

Contemporary glass

the glass work of Giampaolo Amoruso is to be discovered until early January 2019.
the glass work of Giampaolo Amoruso is to be discovered until early January 2019. (© DR)

This new exhibition will present the work of 24 art glass artists with a wide technical diversity: cut glass, blown glass, molded glass, optical glass, fusing, glass paste, etc.

“The guest of honor for this 2018 edition is the sculptor Giampaolo Amoruso. International artist based in Belgium, he presents his work on all continents. His works are part of important world public collections “, presents Christophe Longhi, from the space of the Calende.

Practical information:
Until January 5, 2019, at the Espace de la Calende, 31 rue du Bac, Rouen.
From Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 12 midday and from 2pm to 7pm.  Sunday and Monday in December, from 3pm to 6pm.
Free entry.


The new art supply store in Rouen Rougier & Plé receives the exhibition of student work from the “Atelier Galerie Being” courses in Rouen. Thirty canvases, watercolors, drawings … make up this exhibition as well as the presentation of the 3 annual themed workshops illustrated by the teachers and Artists Isa Tara and Rmine.

Practical information:
Until December 3, 2018, at Rougier & Plé, 31 rue Grand Pont, Rouen.
Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 7pm.
Free entry.

Titoff and Thaïs To the west

Titoff and Thaïs play an explosive couple in the comedy "Lovers."
Titoff and Thaïs play an explosive couple in the comedy “Lovers.” (© DR)

Everything brings them together and yet … 20 years separate them! Titoff and Thaïs are kicking around the idea of ​​age difference and the generational gap in their comedy: Lovers .

Practical information: 
Monday, December 3, 2018, West, rue de Buffon, Rouen, 8pm.
Price: 25 euros.

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