Charente: Emergency Services Close to Rupture

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Emergency services in the Charente claim top be at a point of rupture

Emergency departments and Samu-Smur in the Charente are first in line. Working conditions there are undoubtedly among the most difficult. The problem is to manage the significant increase in activity at constant means.

They say they are on the verge of rupture, the pressure intensifies, sometimes they do well in service to crack and cry after work. That working conditions deteriorate. Burn-out, pressure, rupture have become everyday words to hospital.

And if “the unease also wins other services because of understaffed” This is emergency Samu and the phenomenon comes into its own. Frontline services. Most exposed.

Working conditions deteriorated in the hospital, it is the other major concern of hospital workers. Emergency services in Cognac, Mohamed Ettahiri, the delegate of the Association of Emergency Physicians (Amuf), tells the guards repeatedly, the lack of doctors, the tension in services. “The schedules are tight. It should not be a nurse gets sick.”

In Samu in Angouleme, Jean-Marc de Lustrac, Emergency and elected local doctor, also known as the general population has implications for the hospital. He also sees in services “people who are on the verge of burnout.” “Psychosocial risks are high in all institutions. It does not take much to get to the breaking point. Not necessarily for a job in question.”

Delicate balance

Laurent Delaire, the boss emergency Angouleme, explains: ” .. We have an activity that increases by 5% per year, which runs at constant staffing a big hundred agents, and emergency Samu is confused now lives the same tension in times of influenza episode. ” Except that there is more flu … But “increasingly sick of the evening and night.” “This requires us to reorganize ourselves. We necessary to increase the” hospital productivity . ” As we lose , concedes the department head , human warmth.”

He especially knows the risk that this “creates a collective tension.” “It is difficult to find the right balance. We need you to be very attentive to the physical and mental health staff.”

This is the emergency that the pressure is greatest. “But emergencies without too much pressure, it is almost paradoxical. But it’s actually making use, burn-out generator. You have to really pay attention to people.” Yet it is the service which still manifests itself most solidarity. “Otherwise, we can not get there, stay the course.” The balance is fragile.

At Girac, the hospital chose to “give a boost” , enhance the reception staff, guidance. To avoid the downward spiral. Officers are to end, get sick. They must be replaced. We remind others about their holidays. Who are at the end. Emergency, the red zone is never far away.

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