Weather in Normandy: A Lot of Sun and Blue Sky, The Forecast of the Weekend

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The weather will be very pleasant, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 June 2018 in Normandy.

Normandy should have a very pleasant weekend, Saturday 2nd June and Sunday 3rd June, 2018. The sun will be almost everywhere

After a week between heavy heat and regular thunderstorms,  Normandy will spend the weekend of Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June, 2018 in a pleasant meteorological calm. 

Saturday, an almost perfect day

The slight haze announced for Saturday morning could be misleading … Between the 15 degrees of  Cherbourg and the 19 degrees of Alençon , morning temperatures will be mild.

And from the beginning of the afternoon, the sun will take its place, especially in  Caen  and  Saint-Lô . Upper Normandy will also have its share, with 22 degrees in  Evreux . The situation will slightly deteriorate in the late afternoon, on the Eure and Orne : light rains are announced by Meteo FranceElsewhere, it will be nice!

Saturday weather forecast for Normandy
Saturday weather forecast for Normandy – screenshot Meteo France

Sunday, a time to grill chipos

Like Sunday, where you have to get up early to prepare marinades. 24 degrees in  Rouen, 25 degrees in  Flers and 26 degrees in Lisieux … In short, a time to enjoy chipolatas outdoors!

And the digestion can be done easily on the deckchairs, despite the few clouds that will emerge on Lower Normandy and the light haze that will cover the Seine-Maritime  and the Eure . Enjoy your meal ! 

Weather forecast for Normandy on Sunday
Enjoy the beautiful weather on Sunday to discover the beautiful landscapes of Normandy … and to eat outside! (© DR / Météo-France

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