A Disused Supermarket Ravaged by a Violent Fire near Rouen

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A disused supermarket near Rouen ravaged by a fire

On the night of Thursday 3rd to Friday 4th January, 2019, a major fire ravaged the former supermarket Intermarché, Petit-Quevilly (Seine-Maritime). There was no injury.

The fire broke out at the end of the evening, Thursday 3rd January, 2019 in Petit-Quevilly near Rouen (Seine-Maritime) . It lasted part of the night, requiring the intervention of many firefighters on the site of a disused supermarket, on the edge of the South 3. Finally, the intense fire was controlled and there was no of hurt.

“Between one-third and one-half” of the building on fire

Calls to the operational center of firefighters began to fuse around 23:15, explain them: “Several calls we have reported a large plume of smoke and flames coming out of the roof of the old Intermarché. Some of the smoke went south.

On arrival, the firefighters had to deal with the fire of a large part of the metal structure, “burning between a third and half”. About 500 or 600 m² over 1,500 m² of area destroyed in the fire, controlled around 2:30 am after the use of three fire hoses. Firefighters’ work was facilitated by the lack of merchandise in the building, leaving less fuel to fuel the fire.

Recognition for potential squatters

Recognition was carried out by some of the 46 firefighters mobilized inside the former supermarket, which has become a recurring squat place: no casualties to report.

The time of the intervention, the access ramp from South 3 has been neutralised. Traffic was restored around 3.30am, after having been marked by the Dirno to facilitate the work of firefighters.

Teams were still present Friday, January 4 around 6:30 in the morning, to check the extinction of the fire and monitor the damage caused by the fire on the structure, which could lead to its collapse.

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