Lorry Driver Crisis: Unions “Terrified” after Meeting with the Minister of Transport

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Lorry drivers will escalate strike action after meeting

SOCIAL CONFLICT: CFDT speaks of “very tense discussions” with Elizabeth Borne …

Dirty atmosphere. Unions came out “scared” Thursday night a meeting with the Minister of Transport , Elizabeth Borne, and employers’ federations, with which the discussions were “very tense”, particularly on the implementation of the reform of the labour code by decree .

Trade unions (that is to say, CFDT, CGT, FO, CFTC, CFE-CGC) have “achieved nothing concrete” and even learned “with astonishment that the changes to the labour code will impact the travelling expenses of its drivers” and that it  represented a “clap of thunder” for the lorry driver profession, according to Jerome truth of the CGT, who said he was “appalled” at the exit from the ministry.

These benefits (meals, sleep out charges, …) can represent up to “1,000 euros per month on the pay slip for a long distance lorry driver,” he explained, referring to his side as the negoitator for the FO union, between “600 and 1,200 euros per month “according to the type of mission.

“Employers want to let go”

The orders allow the questioning, company by company, of “all premiums” which until now were secured by collective agreements, that is to say the travel expenses, seniority bonuses or thirteenth months in the road passenger transport, said Christian Cottaz to the CFDT.

The unions demanded that premiums are set but “employers do not want let go,” according to FO union spokesman  Patrice Clos. “Very upset,” the CFDT stormed out during the meeting, which lasted 5 hours, describing “very tense discussions with employers who absolutely wants to let go.”

“The dialogue must continue in a constructive spirit”

A new meeting is scheduled for the 4th October between unions and employers’ federations, who left the ministry at 9pm without comment.

In a statement released after the meeting, the minister has “taken note” of the fact that “new topics have emerged during the discussion.” “These issues will be appraised, and dialogue must continue in a constructive and responsible,” she said.

The CGT will do “the rounds of the troops”

The expertise should cover “specific travel expenses for truck drivers,” the statement said, adding that Elizabeth Borne “further proposed that corporate agreements on pay in road transport are subject to monitored by observatories negotiation, under orders, in line with national bodies of the industry”.

By the 4th October, the CGT will do “the rounds of troops” to decide how to give the strike movement extendable it launched Monday with FO , according to his representative who imagines “put a big hit next week”.  The FO union  “does not call to lift the strike” preferring it to be ongoing, said for his part Patrice Clos. For their part, CFDT and CFTC leave the threat of a strike for the 10th October.

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