The unions have called for strike action this Tuesday

Strike: Between “Yellow Vests” and Big Debate, CGT and FO Want to Make their Voices Heard

CGT and FO are on strike, trying to voice this Tuesday 19th March, 2019 their claims on purchasing power. Disturbances are to be expected in the public and the private sector. CGT and FO , who boycotted the big debate, will try to make their claims on purchasing power heard on Tuesday during a day of action […]

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Strike at Ryanair, causing distruption across Europe

Ryanair’s Massive Strike: Thousands of Passengers Affected across Europe

The Dutch pilots of the low-cost airline Ryanair decided to join the massive strike, causing many disturbances throughout Europe. The European strike of the pilots of the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair was further amplified on Thursday. A court in the Netherlands has allowed Dutch pilots to participate in the planned move on Friday, which is expected to affect […]

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Traffic will still be disrupted at the SNCF on May 9, 2018, for the 16th day of strike since early April against the railway reform.

SNCF Strike: 50% of TGV, TER and Transilien will Operate on Wednesday

Wednesday is the 16th day of the railway workers strike at the SNCF. Half of the TGV, TER and Transilien will circulate. Traffic forecasts. Half of the TGV, TER and Transilien will circulate Wednesday, during the 16th day of strike at SNCF against the railway reform , according to management traffic forecasts published Tuesday. There will be one in three Intercity […]

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Strikes at the SNCF and Air France converge at the end of the week

Strikes at SNCF and Air France Converge Again at the End of the Week

The strikes at the SNCF and Air France will converge Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th May. Trade unions, management and government are currently standing on their position. The weekend will again be marked by disruptions in transport , the strikes at the SNCF coinciding with that of Air France Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th May, without any clear prospect of […]

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Conflict at Air France, as Unions announce more strike action for "Early May"

Conflict at Air France: New Strikes in “Early May”, According to the Unions

The Unions at Air France announced on Thursday 19th April, new strike days in “early May” to support its wage demands. The Air France union has called Thursday, April 19 the mobilization of employees to “accentuate” to support their wage demands and announced new strike days “early May”, without giving a date. After nine days of strike since February, the […]

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The assembly has voted for the reform of the SNCF

SNCF: The Assembly Votes by Large Margin for Reform on the 4th day of Strike

The National Assembly voted, at first reading, the reform of the SNCF. At the same time, a fourth day of strike commences this Wednesday 18th April, 2018. On the eve of the resumption of the strike at the SNCF, the National Assembly adopted very widely, on Tuesday at first reading, the draft railway reform law, challenged […]

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Distruptions because of strike action at SNCF and Air France in Toulouse

Strikes at Air France and SNCF: Traffic Forecasts in Toulouse this Wednesday

Wednesday 18th April, 2018, the strike movements continue at the SNCF and Air France. Disturbances are to be expected on flights and trains to and from Toulouse. Details. The strike movement within the airline Air France continues Wednesday, April 18, 2018, while that at the SNCF resumed. For this new black Wednesday, here are the disturbances planned in Toulouse. At […]

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The strike at the SNCF will cause big disruptions to train travel

Strike at the SNCF: Black Tuesday in Sight, Which Trains will Circulate

This Tuesday begins the strike at the SNCF, scheduled to last three months. Traffic will be very disrupted and up to 77% of drivers will not go to work. The forecasts. After the warning shot of the 22nd March, place in the fight. With an average TGV on eight Tuesday, railway workers set the tone of this long-distance strike to counter the reform project of the SNCF. […]

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The Air France union, in wage conflict with the management since February, announced Sunday a new strike, this time of two days, 10 and 11 April, have learned from trade union sources

Air France: The Union Announces a New Strike on the 10th and 11th April

The Air France union has announced two new strike days on the 10th and 11th April. Employees demand a salary increase of 6%. The strike movement continues. The Air France union , in wage conflict with management since February, announced Sunday a new strike , this time of two days, 10 and 11 April, have learned from trade union sources. Air France staff, […]

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SNCF rail traffic will be severely disrupted from Monday evening, 2 April, due to a national strike.

SNCF Strike: 12% of TGVs will Circulate on Tuesday, Discover Traffic Forecasts

The railway workers start on Monday, April 2 at 7pm their “bumpy strike” movement. RER, TER, TGV, Intercity trains … Discover the SNCF rail traffic forecasts. Due to a national strike , rail traffic will be severely disrupted on Monday, April 2nd from 7pm until April 5th, 8am. April 3 and 4 are the first two days of this […]

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