Coronavirus: Edouard Philippe Announces the Tightening of Confinement Rules

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Edouard Philippe announces tougher Coronavirus Confinement rules

While France records its most serious health balance this Monday 23rd March 2020, the Prime Minister will issue a decree to toughen the rules of confinement

The coronavirus epidemic is worsening in France and the measures, as a result, are tightening.

The confinement period, initially announced by Emmanuel Macron for 15 days, has not yet been extended, but the government should soon announce new decisions, once the scientific council has given its opinion on this. topic.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced on the 8 pm television news on TF1 this Monday 23rd March 2020 that he was going to sign “in the next few hours” a decree to specify the rules of containment, and this in three areas. Point.

Going out 1 km from home maximum

The derogatory certificate of movement during this period of confinement allows you to go out briefly to exercise a physical activity or walk your dog, for example. But this derogation does not seem clear enough, according to the scenes of many joggers and onlookers still out.

Thus, Edouard Philippe clarified this Monday evening that “going out to walk his children or play sports” was authorized “1 km from home, at most for 1 hour, and obviously alone, only once a day”.

Closing of open markets

Another announcement, again after scenes of crowded markets observed last week: the “open” markets will be closed.

Nuance, however: “the prefects will be allowed on request of the mayors to derogate from this obligation”, specified the Prime Minister, in particular, to guarantee the access to the fresh products, and to help the farmers.

Health details

Another derogatory reason for leaving: health reasons, without further details so far. “We want our fellow citizens to be able to go to the emergency room when they need it,” said Edouard Philippe.

The French will also be able to travel for scheduled care (dialysis for example) for chronic illnesses, but this is urgent care when convened by a doctor.

These measures will be applicable tomorrow, Tuesday 24th March.

“These rules are strict. They are intended to protect our fellow citizens, in particular the most vulnerable. These are rules of solidarity.”

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The state of health emergency declared on Sunday

The worst health record since the start of the epidemic in France was announced on Monday by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran: 3,176 new cases of contamination with coronavirus and 186 additional deaths were recorded, bringing the total death toll at 860 and 19,856 cases.

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After validation by the National Assembly and then by the Senate, a health emergency bill against the coronavirus was adopted this Sunday 22nd March.

It includes three main measures, namely the adoption of economic emergency measures, the postponement of the second round of municipal elections and the establishment of a state of health emergency.

More concretely, the state of emergency allows, by ordinance, to take general measures to limit a part of our rules and our laws in times of crisis. 

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