Orange launches new Livebox and a new TV box probably for Euro 2016

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Orange are launching a new Livebox for a better quality internet and television streaming service

On the occasion of its annual press conference “Hello”, the CEO of Orange, Stéphane Richard, presented on Wednesday its new Livebox …

Hello new Livebox! Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange has formalized this Wednesday at its annual press conference “Hello” to launch a new Livebox and a new TV box. Stéphane Richard, the Livebox will enable users to enjoy the best of the Orange network . The decoder has an eco-friendly approach, and, as the boss of Orange, “a thoughtful design for aesthetics, efficiency and accountability.”

Compatible ADSL, Livebox 2016 will be mainly 100% fiber, requiring no special adapter, it (the optical housing ONT) have been miniaturized and housed directly in the box. “The connection to the fiber occurs at the back of the box, without specific installation,” said the CEO of Orange.

A box that boosts WiFi

The new Livebox should also largely improve the quality of WiFi at home, playing on the optimization of its antennas and network use 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to ensure a 1.9 Gbit / s throughput in combination. In other words, domestic Wifi is promised to be up to four times faster, allowing you to connect simultaneously up to 10 wireless devices.  In addition, the Orange TV decoder will not need more cable to connect to the Livebox, with Wifi taking over.

To make the experience complete, a box named Airbox will also be provided.  It will change the Orange 4G network allowing mobile users to use WiFi to allow users to continue their entertainment, including holiday. The Livebox will also offer optional storage space of 1 TB, the equivalent of 100,000 photos or 200 hours of HD video.

A TV UHD Decoder

For its part, the new Orange TV decoder will offer UHD (Ultra High Definition) and Dolby Atmos.  Providing the ability to view content with a resolution four times that of Full HD uncompressed video data rate of more than 8 Gbit / s, it will also be compatible HDR (High Dynamic Range), the Grail for images up to four times more better.  Side content, Stéphane Richard UHD promises a catalog of “several tens of films on VOD Orange, as well as dissemination of the house chain Max OCS directly UHD”.Also in the pipes and accessible with the future coupling Livebox / TV decoder: the broadcasting of Ligue 1 matches UHD with Canal +, retransmission UHD with TF1 and M6 eight matches of Euro 2016 200 compatible games and virtual reality programs. If it does not specify when the new Livebox will be launched, Stéphane Richard, however, leaves much doubt, given the upcoming sporting calendar, the deadline …

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