The unions have asked Tuesday evening to be "received urgently" by Emmanuel Macron "so that he withdraws his reform" from pensions

Strike of 7th March: Two New Days of Mobilisation Announced, the Unions Want to See Macron “Urgently”

PROTESTS: The Unions asked Tuesday evening to be “received urgently” by Emmanuel Macron “so that he withdraws his reform” from pensions The main unions asked Tuesday evening to be “received urgently” by Emmanuel Macron “so that he withdraws his pension reform” from pensions and announced two new days of mobilization on Saturday and next week. “The […]

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Strike of February 16: With the pension reform, is the CFDT becoming radicalized?

Strike of February 16th: With the Pension Reform, is the CFDT Becoming Radicalized?

UNION: The CFDT is showing great firmness in the face of the pension reform carried out by the government, far from its attitude during the precedent of 2019 or during the term of Hollande. A turning point for the reformist union? The CFDT, a union traditionally seen as reformist and conciliatory with the government, strongly opposes […]

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Edouard Philippe on January 6, 2020

Pension Reform: Edouard Philippe Takes a Step Towards the CFDT

The Prime Minister qualified Tuesday 7th January of “good idea” the proposal of conference of financing of the CFDT, while calling for that “everyone moves a little”. Edouard Philippe gave a sign of openness to the CFDT. He qualified Tuesday, January 7 as a “good idea ” the proposal for a financing conference, while calling for “everyone to move […]

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Demonstration against the pensions reform, December 12, 2019 in Marseille

Pensions: Edouard Philippe wants to “Resume Dialogue” with the Social Partners

The Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has pledged to call the social partners, Thursday 12th December 2019, after his announcements and before a new national mobilisation on Tuesday. Edouard Philippe heard Laurent Berger: the day after the presentation of the pension reform project which angered the boss of the CFDT, the Prime Minister said he wanted to “quickly resume dialogue” with […]

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May 1st protests, tense situation in Paris

May 1st: Tense Situation in Paris between Black blocs and Police

While thousands of people demonstrate throughout France on the occasion of Labour Day, May 1st,  scenes of violence were observed in the capital. Thousands of people demonstrate throughout France Wednesday, May 1st, 2019. In Paris , the atmosphere is very tense and clashes between “black blocs” and police took place in Paris. A situation that contrasts with the good-natured atmosphere in the […]

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Laurent Berger speaking about the crisis with the Yellow Vests

“Yellow Vests”: Macron “No Longer the Choice, You Must Share Power” according to Laurent Berger

SOCIAL: According to the general secretary of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, there is “a risk” that France tomorrow “looks like Italy or Hungary” .. President Emmanuel Macron “no longer has the choice” and must accept “an inflection with social policies that reduce inequalities” and “restore the power of intervention to citizens,” said CFDT Secretary General , Laurent Berger , in an interview […]

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An SNCF employee at the Saint-Lazare station in Paris, April 29, 2018. (© AFP / Ar

Strike at the SNCF: Traffic Less Disturbed this Friday, with 9 TGV in 10 and 3 TER out of 5

SNCF traffic, hit by the strike on Friday, will be less disturbed than during previous mobilization days with 9 TGV out of ten, three TER out of five and two Transilien out of 3. SNCF traffic, hit by the strike on Friday, will be less disturbed than on previous mobilization days with nine TGV out of ten, […]

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Laurent Berger was re-elected June 7, 2018 at the head of the CFDT. (© AFP / Archives / BERTRAND GUAY)

Laurent Berger Re-elected at the Head of the CFDT

Laurent Berger was re-elected at the head of the CFDT, Thursday 7th June 7, at the congress of the federation, which is held in Rennes since the beginning of the week. Laurent Berger was re-elected on Thursday for a new term on the CFDT leadership team of 94.42%, up from 98.31% four years earlier, according to the results of […]

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Here are the traffic forecasts for the fourth strike at the SNCF on Thursday

Fourth Strike at the SNCF: Traffic Forecasts for this Thursday

This Thursday 19th April, the unions call again to strike at the SNCF. Traffic will be very disrupted, with one TGV out of three, and two TER and Transiliens out of five. The traffic is still disrupted at SNCF on Thursday, the second day of the 4th strike sequence against the rail reform, with one TGV in three […]

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SNCF: The Traffic Still Disrupted on Saturday, the Unions Want "Deep Negotiations" 1

SNCF: The Traffic Still Disrupted on Saturday, the Unions Want “Deep Negotiations”

After the third episode of the railway workers’ strike, which began Friday (April 13th), SNCF traffic remains disrupted on Saturday. Update on traffic conditions The railway traffic will remain disrupted Saturday , but Friday a lesser extent for the third episode of the strike at the SNCF, continuing unions to request the opening of “extensive negotiations” against an inflexible […]

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