Nantes: “Threats” and Disagreements around the Demonstration for the Reunification of Brittany on Saturday

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March in Nantes on saturday for the reunification of Brittany has been cancelled

The Bretagne Réunie association decided to cancel the parade, scheduled for Saturday in the city centre of Nantes, the group 44 = Bzh still want the march …

  • A demonstration for the reunification of the Loire-Atlantique to Brittany was to take place on Saturday at 3pm, in the city centre of Nantes.
  • After the association Bretagne Réunie, which evokes “threats”, decided to cancel the march.
  • The group 44 = Bzh still called for a march.

Several thousand people, pleading for Brittany to have five departments, were to navigate. Scheduled for several weeks, the demonstration for the reunification of Brittany, which was scheduled for Saturday in the city centre of Nantes, will probably not take place.

This is certainly the wish of the organisers of Bretagne Réunie, who decided a few days ago to cancel, having changed the rendezvous point. The association refers to “threats” from “extreme splinter groups” and risks to security. It also fears that the appointment be exploited “for partisan purposes.” Last year, the event was disrupted by dozens of activists.

“We reminded the demonstrators taking part in the action had to do it with respect for people and property. Similarly, racist and xenophobic slogans on one side, and speaking against an economic and political system on the other, had no place in a demonstration for the reunification of Brittany . We found that these instructions are not complied with this Saturday, “said the association.

The Group 44 = Breizh  call to keep walking

But the collective 44 = Breizh , which refuses this decision, called to gather at the Miroir d’eau at 3pm. “The infiltration of the far right in the recent events, the inability of leaders of Brittany Meeting in stand firm against him, led to a regrettable situation for the entire movement for the Breton territorial unity, “wrote the group.

“We regret the total depoliticization of the struggle for the reunification of Brittany, attributable to the Bretagne Réunie association that is gradually isolated, he added.[…] The need to rebuild the movement for the unity of Brittany is striking. This gathering will be an opportunity to meet and discuss calmly the future. “

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