Charente: At 11, He Jumped into the Water to Save the Puppies Thrown from a Bridge

Local News
A boy of 11 years old, jumps into the Charente, to save puppies thrown from the bridge

A boy of 11 years has shown more courage than a woman of 32, who wanted to dispose of the puppies by throwing them from a bridge …

You’re never too young to do a good deed. South West reveals this Tuesday morning, that an 11 year old was the hero of the day last Saturday at Angouleme.  Enzo was engaged in fishing on the banks of the Charente with his grandfather when they spotted a woman throwing over the bridge, some puppies which were alive to drown.

The grandfather warns the municipal police and stop the 32 year old woman, while the 11 year old grandson, jumps into the Charente to try to save the puppies. He managed to save two puppies and a third one made it to shore.  Two other puppies, unfortunately didn’t survive, unable to recover from the fall off the bridge (about 7 – 8 metres drop)

The woman acknowledged the facts, explaining that she had no means to support the needs of puppies that were all taken to the SPA, where they have since been visited by Enzo, named on this occasion, as a honorary member of the refuge of Angoumois.

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