#NuitDebout: Clashes Place de la Republique

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Violent clashes during the night at the #NuitDebout in Paris

Several vehicles were burned, at least 24 in police custody …

Night cut short in Paris. At about 1.30am, friday morning, the security forces dispersed hundreds of people who refused to leave the place of the Republic at the end of a new rally of the #NuitDebout that was allowed until midnight.

Twenty-seven people were arrested and at least a further 24 detained in police custody after the projectile of objects in view of the police, violence and degradation in Paris on the night of Thursday to Friday after dispersing the gathering night standing by the policemen, announced the prefecture.

“Until 3.30am, the security forces have suffered missile throwing.  There has been no injuries, either on the side of the police or the protesters, “said the police prefecture in a statement, adding that those in custody will be subject to the “purpose of prosecution. ”

Once the Republic Square was evacuated, with the police gradually pushing back the demonstrators in to the adjacent streets. Vehicles and two scooters were then burned a few hundred metres from the square.



Calls for “better occupy the premises”, “with barricades”

“You Scatter”, had previously been summoned by a police officer with a bullhorn, at Place de la Republique, before the security forces use tear gas and stun grenades to dislodge the protesters.  The protestors chanted “terrorist, terrorist”, in reply and taunting the police. Several people were arrested.

A round structure made of pallets and topped with a roof built during the evening, was quickly seized by police. Unidentified factions had called for these days on social networks “to better occupy the premises”, “with barricades,” at the end of the event.

Several times in the evening, some young, on the fringe of the place de la Republique, threw glass bottles at the police.  Officers from the CRS and gendarmes were blocking the exits of the square, preventing any departure in a “wild procession.”   Such spontaneous demonstrations, sometimes interspersed with incidents were regularly held on the sidelines of #NuitDebout since the beginning of the movement on 31st  March.

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