Hamon wants a rally in Republic Square

After Mélenchon, Hamon also wants a Rally in Place de la Republique

Three weeks after the demonstration of his main rival, Benoît Hamon organized on the 19th April, a “great festive moment” Place de la Republique in Paris. Benoît Hamon, the socialist PS candidate in the presidential election, Thursday invited “all the French” to “mobilize to the left” in a “great festive moment” at Place de la Republique […]

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Violent clashes during the night at the #NuitDebout in Paris

#NuitDebout: Clashes Place de la Republique

Several vehicles were burned, at least 24 in police custody … Night cut short in Paris. At about 1.30am, friday morning, the security forces dispersed hundreds of people who refused to leave the place of the Republic at the end of a new rally of the #NuitDebout that was allowed until midnight. Twenty-seven people were arrested […]

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Police have prohibited alcohol from the vicinity of the Paris #NuitDebout

#NuitDebout: The Consumption of Alcohol Prohibited in the Vicinity of Place de la Republique

The police department has justified the measure by the “many recorded regularly overflows during the dispersal of the movement” #NuitDebout … Alcohol consumption is prohibited during the nights of Saturday and Sunday near the Place de la Republique in Paris, which is where the #NuitDebout movement is installed, to avoid “excesses”, said the police headquarters. Offenses […]

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Clashes broke out at the #NuitDebout protest in place de la Republique, with the police attacked and a police car set alight

#NuitDebout: A Police Car Burned Place de la Republique… Twelve People Arrested

Police said they attacked by projectiles thrown from “a hundred people” attending the nightly #NuitDebout … The previous night had been relatively calm.  Clashes erupted on the night of Friday to Saturday when a hundred people attacked the police on Place de la Republique in Paris on the sidelines of the #NutDebout, the police have said. Twelve people […]

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Home > Île-de-France > Paris › Newsletter free of charge every day, most of the news is in your mailbox mon.adresse@mail.fr I'm registering ! A man tries to set himself on fire Place de la Republique in Paris Paris - Modified 22.04.2016 at 12:44 | Published on 21.04.2016 at 19:35 listen A man tried to set himself on Thursday evening, around 19h, Republic Square, at the foot of the central statue in Paris. A man tried to set himself on Thursday evening, around 7pm, Place de la Republic, at the foot of the central statue in Paris.

Paris: A Man Tries to Set Himself on Fire at Place de la Republique

A man of about fifty years has attempted to set himself on Thursday evening, around 7pm, Place de la Republique, at the foot of the central statue in Paris. The man, aged 50 years,  shouted,  “Let me die. I am a victim of injustice “ . Soon people have hardly tried to extinguish the flames. […]

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The orchestra has electrified the crowds of #nuitdebout standing on place de la Republique and social networks.

VIDEO: #NuitDebout – An ‘orchestra debout’ Play at Place de la République for a ‘Better World’

The concert, which drew crowds on the Paris market, has also been widely circulated on social networks … The appeal, launched on Facebook, was immediate:  more than 350 amateur and professional musicians had expressed willingness to come and play on the place de la République, Paris.  On Wednesday night, the acoustic band electrified the crowds […]

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22 arrests in Paris at the #NuitDebout after clashes between protestors and police

#NuitDebout: 22 arrests after Violence in Paris

Police pushed the rioters out of Republic Square … Twenty-two people were arrested in the night from Friday to Saturday on the sidelines of the “#NuitDebout” after the violence against the police and damage committed in the northeast of Paris, announced the police headquarters . Some demonstrators were overcome by tear gas, while four policemen […]

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First #NuitDebout was held in Saturday night in Bordeaux

Bordeaux: Several Hundred Participants at the First #NuitDebout

Several hundred people attended on Saturday 9th April at a general meeting of the movement #NuitDebout at place de la Republique.  Sitting Calmly listening to speeches … After the original #Nuitdebout in Paris and now spreading to Rennes, Nantes,Lyon, Strasbourg and more than 20 other cities in France, the #NuitDebout movement held its first rally in Bordeaux […]

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Protestors at the #NuitDebout tried to reach the house of Prime Minister Manuel Valls

NuitDebout: Clashes on the Sidelines of Procession Heading to the Home of Valls

As is the case every night since March 31, a “NuitDebout” was held this Saturday night in Paris, close to where the earlier demonstrations were taking place against the proposed new Labour Law. But hundreds of participants decided at about 11pm to leave the Place de la Republique to protest at the home of the Prime Minister, […]

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More than 200 demonstrations and rallies are planned across France on Saturday against the Labour Law

Labour law: More Protests Saturday

Opponents of the labour law maintain pressure on the government: employees, students and pupils are preparing to fight on Saturday… More than 200 demonstrations and rallies are planned throughout France, the call of the unions (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL, Fidl), which expects a “massive mobilization” . “Will it be as large as the protests […]

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