Labour law: At least 20 Arrests and Injuries in Rennes

Local News
More clashes broke out between protestors and police in Rennes

The prefect denounced the violence of thugs …

While hundreds of protesters were still present on the Esplanade de Gaulle in Rennes, the prefect Patrick Strzoda made a point about the clashes that erupted during the demonstration against the labour law.  At 5.45pm, 20 people were arrested on the fringes of the procession, mostly for throwing projectiles and violence against police.


The prefect also said that six police officers were injured in Thursday’s rally, three for hearing damage. The security forces have suffered several fire bombs, especially near the Republic Square .

The prefect also said that “two injured protesters” had been identified.  Student organizations have, said that 38 have been injured, including a 20 year old student, seriously wounded in the eye . “There is no evidence that this is a shot from a rubber bullet.  An investigation will be opened to shed light on this incident, “said the Prefect. The shots were actually made by bullets from defence launchers.

Students accuse their part the police have carried out shootings at retreating demonstrators. “The CRS does not include the Flash-Ball is it draws in the legs,” criticized an organizer. “The procession of unions followed the defined route. Others are separated to go confront the police. They are thugs who were there, “says the prefect Patrick Strzoda.

While some unions had not followed suit to rue Jean-Jaurès, the “rioters” were not the only ones present on the Republic Square. The police decided to charge to disperse some individuals who were attacking the windows and took off the pavement. The procession then moved to the plaza de Gaulle, where some clashes broke out, before a gradual return to calm.

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