Firefighters intervene place of Italy, starting point of a demonstration of "yellow vests", on November 16, 2019 in Paris.

Yellow Vests: The First Anniversary Marked by an Outbreak of Violence in Paris

The yellow vests found Saturday 16th November 2019, one year after the launch of this unprecedented social movement. An anniversary marked by clashes in the capital. Outbreaks of violence in Paris and a return to the roundabouts of France: the first anniversary of yellow vests , which aimed to give a second wind to their social protest movement , was marked […]

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Several hundred yellow vests in Paris with 65 arrests

Several Hundred Yellow Vests in Paris: 65 Arrests

1,300 people were checked this morning in Paris. Several hundred yellow Vests demonstrators are scattered in Paris, squared by the police. Several hundred people claiming ” yellow vests ” were gathered in Paris Saturday morning in different parts of the capital under the supervision of the police. At 11:35, there had been 65 arrests, and several people verbalized near the […]

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1800 yellow vests demonstrators in Nantes, 30 arrests after clashes with the police

Yellow vests: 1800 Demonstrators in Nantes, 30 Arrests after Clashes with the Police

A national appeal “against the power in place” was launched for act 44 of the yellow Vests in Nantes, this Saturday 14th September 2019. Some 1800 people were marching Saturday 14th September 2019 in the centre of Nantes, according to the police, on the occasion of “act 44” movement of “yellow vests”, resulting in clashes between police and demonstrators. […]

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Yellow Vests invaded Matabiau station in Toulouse

Toulouse: Act 44 Yellow Vests Invade Matabiau Station, Eight Trains Delayed

The yellow vests were introduced on the rails of the station Matabiau Saturday 14th September 2019 in Toulouse. Eight trains were delayed. Line A of the subway is also interrupted. It was probably the highlight of the day, for the yellow vests. Protesters have indeed managed to enter the compound of Matabiau station, yet placed under high security since the beginning […]

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Yellow vests: a few thousand protesters in the streets, clashes in some cities

Yellow Vests: A Few Thousand Protesters in the Streets, Clashes in Some Cities

Yellow vests were back in the streets of several cities in France this Saturday. Clashes erupted in places. We take stock. For their “return”, a few thousand “yellow vests” gathered in several major cities, such as Montpellier, where clashes quickly broke out and a municipal police car was burned. A thick smoke, unbreathable, quickly invaded a shopping street in Montpellier, […]

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The demonstration of yellow Vests degenerated in Rennes, Saturday afternoon.

Yellow Vests: Death of a Protestor in Rennes? The Prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine Denies

Rumors are circulating on social networks, reporting the death of a protester Vest yellow, Rennes. The prefecture denies and evokes a woman suffering from discomfort The rumor circulated on social networks this Saturday afternoon. According to several tweets or Facebook posts, a protester would have died at the gathering of yellow vests , this Saturday in Rennes . The prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine formally […]

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Clashes between England fans and police in Lille

Euro 2016: Clashes in Lille, 36 arrests and 16 injured

Clashes took place late Wednesday in Lille on the sidelines of the Euro, after a day marked by new arrests related to abuse of Marseille and diplomatic tensions between France and Russia. Around 11.30pm, the police fired tear gas in the direction of some 200 English fans, alcoholic and singing near the Lille Flandres station, […]

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The Prefecture has banned all demonstrations in Nantes

Nantes: Labour law- Prefect Prohibits Parade after the demo Bouffay

If no union protest is planned on June 14, an appeal for a gathering against the Labour Law is relayed on social networks. The national protest call against the Labour Law is to join the demonstration in Paris (starting 13h Place d’Italie in the direction of Les Invalides). However, a call to gather for a […]

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Labour Law: New Incidents and Damage to Rennes 1

Labour Law: New Incidents and Damage to Rennes

Several hundred young people defied police on Friday evening in the city centre … Several hundred young people defied the police and damaged many public facilities, bank branches and stores in the centre of Rennes on Friday night, after the evacuation at the dawn of a municipal hall, renamed “House of the People “by opponents […]

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2000 protestors marched through the City centre of Nantes

Nantes: About 2,000 protesters March in the City Centre

LABOUR LAW: The procession, made up of many young people, calls for the abandonment of the labour bill and denounced the use of 49.3 … The rain did not discourage. Nearly 2,000 protesters marched through the streets of the city centre of Nantes on Thursday afternoon to demand “the abandonment of the labour bill ” and […]

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