The CGT calls for a General strike on 23rd November blocking oil sites

Blocking of Oil Sites: CGT Calls for a General Strike on 23rd November

The ultimatum to the government not having followed up, the unions CGT call for a general strike of oil depots on the 23rd November to maintain their collective agreements They call for a general strike of oil sites (refining, petrochemicals, fuel depots and port depots, airport stations, etc.) on 23rd November 2017, for a duration of 24 hours. In […]

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Major distruptions across France against the Labour Law

Labour Code: 223,000 Demonstrators across France, according to the Interior

223,000 people demonstrated against the reform of the Labour Code in France, according to the Ministry of Interior. They were 400,000 according to the CGT. The protests against the reform of the Labour Code gathered Tuesday 223,000 people throughout France, according to figures from the Interior Ministry, against a figure of 400,000 announced by the CGT. The […]

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Seven things to remember about protests against Labour Code

Labour Code: Seven Things to Remember on this Day of Action

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets Tuesday in France against the reform of the Labour Code. 223,000 people demonstrated according to the Ministry of Interior against 400,000 according to the CGT. Satisfaction of the CGT “This is a first successful that announcement” , said the leader of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, from the Paris […]

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200 protestors in Chateaubriant against the Labour Code

Chateaubriant: 200 Protesters against Labour Code

This Tuesday 12th September, 200 to 250 people gathered outside the Town Hall of Chateaubriant, the call of local unions CGT and Solidaires (Sud PTT). They are protesting against the orders to be submitted to the Council of Ministers of 22 September and to reform the Labour Code. “These measures will enhance the reversal of the […]

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Nearly 3000 protestors were in Lorient against the changes to the Labour Code

Labour Code: Nearly 3000 Protesters in Lorient

Social protests return on Tuesday morning between the place of Lorient Town Hall and Avenue La Perrière in Lorient. Nearly 3,000 people have answered the call of five unions to protest against the reform of the labour law. At the call of unions CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires and UNEF, nearly 3,000 people marched Tuesday morning between […]

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Strasbourg on Tuesday will have many disturbances due to strike action

Strasbourg: Tram, Train, Canteen, Highway … that’s what to Expect with the Strike on Tuesday

DISTURBANCES: Alongside the demonstration against the orders reforming the labour law set for 2pm, disruptions are expected in transport and canteens in Strasbourg on Tuesday … Throughout France, the call of the CGT, protests are planned against the orders reforming the labour law  filed this summer. Meanwhile, the strike will affect a number of public services, such […]

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What changes are in store for France in December 2016

Gas Prices, layoffs, alcohol … What changes for 1st December

Increase in regulated gas tariffs, train delays better reimbursed by SNCF, new display rules about alcohol or changes to the Labour law … Here several new provisions coming in force in France on Thursday 1st December, 2016. Gas Prices Regulated tariffs increase on 1 December by 2.6% on average . In detail, the gas for cooking increases […]

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A student has been released after being detained in May after a policeman got attacked at Labour Law protests

Labour Law: Suspected of Hitting a Policeman, a High School Student has been Released

JUSTICE: A high school student was released on Friday after being taken into custody on suspicion of assaulting a police officer during a demonstration against the labor law in May … He was remanded in custody for “attempted murder” against a police officer during a demonstration in Nantes. A high school student in the criminal record […]

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Labour law protests resume on Thursday in Rennes

Rennes. Mobilization against the Labour Law Thursday

This is a test day on Thursday for unions opposing the Labour Law. They will try to revive the protests in Rennes, with the desire to avoid violence. The unions (CGT, FO, FSU …) called on Thursday to protest against the labour law at Rennes. “We ask more withdrawal, since it was passed, but its repeal,” explains […]

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Albert-Camus Lycee, which is in the Bellevue area in Nantes, is blocked Thursday morning.

Nantes: Students Block Access to the Albert-Camus Lycee

From 7am on Thursday, the students set up barricades in front of the Albert-Camus Lycee in Nantes, where the entrance has limited access. The blocking of the Albert-Camus Lycee in Nantes, is underway this Thursday morning. Since 7 am, the students actually prevent access to the site and leave students go to a trickle. Contacted by telephone, […]

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