The organisers of the high mass of the cinema fear actions of the CGT Energy and have planned generators

At the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, the Specter of Power Cuts

PENSION REFORM: The organisers of the Cannes film festival fear actions of the CGT Energy of power cuts against the pension reform, and have planned generators Cannes without light is like a film without an image. If the electricity were cut during the famous film festival, there would be far fewer films to see. The threat […]

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the very locked visit of Emmanuel Macron to Lyon

Lyon: “Half the City is in a Bubble”, the Very Locked Visit of Emmanuel Macron

The President of the Republic came to Lyon on Monday afternoon to pay tribute to the resistance fighters and to Jean Moulin, being carefully kept away from the crowd who demonstrated This Monday afternoon, Emmanuel Macron went to Lyon to pay tribute to the resistance fighters and in particular to Jean Moulin, arrested eighty years […]

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French President Emmanuel Macron visits Herault

Pension Reform: Visiting Hérault, Emmanuel Macron Maintains that he will “Not Resign”

SEE YOU IN FOUR YEARS: Emmanuel Macron made an unannounced visit to the small town of Pérols to further “explain” his pension reform “We will have to wait until 2027.” This is Emmanuel Macron‘s response to the invective of a woman who launched “Macron resignation” on the sidelines of the President of the Republic’s trip to Hérault on Thursday. Back […]

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It is the "pan that will prevent him from finishing his five-year term", launches Binet on Macron

Pension Reform: It is the “Pan that Will Prevent Him from Finishing his Five-Year Term”, Launches Binet on Macron

REACTION: Sophie Binet reacted to the statements of the Head of State, who had assured that “it is not saucepans that will make France move forward” The pension reform continues to make noise nearly a week after its promulgation. The pots are out during the various trips of the President of the Republic on the ground this week to […]

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Olivier Véran assures that there will be no "retirement" for "pension reforms"

Pension Reform: Olivier Véran Assures That There will be no “Retirement” for “Reforms”

CRISIS: In the “JDD”, the government spokesperson explains that we “cannot let the idea take hold that violence would be a justifiable or understandable reaction” Despite the blockages and the challenge, the executive does not want to consider immobility. Government spokesman Olivier Véran ensures that the executive will continue to roll out a “rearranged” roadmap. “The pension reform does […]

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Pension reform: New evening demonstrations in several cities

Pension Reform: New Evening Demonstrations in Several Cities

PROTESTS: The demonstrators against the pension reform were 300 at the height of the evening in Paris, 600 in Lyon and nearly a thousand in Lille Emmanuel Macron has not calmed the protests against the pension reform. While the Head of State spoke at 1 p.m. on Wednesday to confirm in particular the application of the text “before the […]

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Emmanuel Macron during his television interview

Pension Reform: Emmanuel Macron Regrets Nothing

RECAP: The President of the Republic spoke to the French on the news of TF1 and France 2 on the pension reform The President of the Republic wanted to dot the “i” and “clarify” things. The pension reform “will continue on its democratic path”, insisted Emmanuel Macron, interviewed on Wednesday on the news of TF1 and France 2 live. Having […]

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Shortage of fuel: "If they release us, we will go elsewhere" ... The blockages will not stop

Shortage of Fuel: “If they Release us, we will go Elsewhere” … The Blockages will not Stop

PROTESTS: After the failure of the motion of censure, unions and opponents of the pension reform know that the week is decisive to obtain the withdrawal of the law The Vern-sur-Seiche fuel depot, near Rennes, is paralyzed by demonstrators opposed to pension reform. As the gasoline shortage slowly sets in, union activists believe that the […]

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287 arrests in France during Monday's demonstrations, including 234 in Paris over Pension Reform

Pension reform: 287 Arrests in France during Monday’s Demonstrations, including 234 in Paris

ANGER Barricades were erected in the capital on Monday evening In the evening of Monday, 287 demonstrators were arrested, almost all of them in Paris (234), during the demonstrations after the adoption of the pension reform via the recourse to article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution, a we learned this Tuesday from a police source. In Paris, […]

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Gendarmes have cleared protestors against pension reform at Donges

Pension Reform: The Gendarmes Evacuate the Oil Port of Donges for a Delivery of Diesel

PROTEST: The oil terminal in Donges had been occupied for a week by unions opposed to the pension reform They put an end to the blockage that had lasted for a week. During the night of Monday to Tuesday, the police intervened in Donges (Loire-Atlantique) to unblock the oil terminal which was paralyzed by demonstrators opposed […]

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