"The situation that faced these agents was critical: a matter of life or death," said Mark Rowley.

Attack in London: Eight Police Shot Three Attackers

Eight officers fired a total of fifty bullets to neutralize the three attackers who brought death on Saturday night in London, said Scotland Yard on Sunday. The attack left seven dead and 48 wounded. “Eight police officers discharged their weapons (…). According to our initial evaluations, fifty bullets were fired by the eight officers” said Mark Rowley, head of […]

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Missing Family near Nantes: Son’s Car found a Saint-Nazaire

New twist this morning. The car of the son of the missing family of Orvault near Nantes has been recovered in the parking lot of a church near the harbor in Saint-Nazaire. The investigation into the  mysterious disappearance of a family of four  near Nantes made a breakthrough on Thursday morning, the car of the […]

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Police conduct a search of the house in Nantes

Missing Family near Nantes: “Very sophisticated” Search of the House

Since Wednesday morning, the investigators of the judicial police searched the home of Troadec, seeking new clues. On Wednesday morning, a dozen investigators entered the house of Troadec family, the missing family of Orvault near Nantes, since 16th February. At the request of the investigating judge since Monday, they renew their search of the house […]

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At Orvault, near Nantes, the district of rue d'Auteuil is fully blocked by the police.

Missing Family near Nantes: The District Cordoned off by Police

Just north of Nantes, at Orvault, the district of rue d’Auteuil is entirely blocked by police this Wednesday morning. A safety perimeter was set for further investigations. For over a week, all members of the family Troadec, this family of Orvault, near Nantes, disappeared. Investigators from the police will search again, in every detail, the […]

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Mailbox, under seal, of the house of the missing family, in Orvault, near Nantes

Nantes: The discovered Blood Belongs to the Missing Family

The traces of blood found in the house of Orvault, near Nantes, belong to the missing family for ten days, confirmed the public prosecutor of Nantes. The information fell on Sunday. Investigators have received the results of analyzes of blood traces discovered in the home of the missing family for ten days . The blood […]

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Authorities announced thirteen wounded among the security forces in clashes with leftist groups participating this Saturday in Nantes, an anti-FN demo

Anti-FN demonstration: 4 in Police Custody, 13 CRS and Gendarmes Injured in Nantes

The anti-FN event, yet peaceful desired, degenerated in Nantes on Saturday, in the city centre. Sadly repeated images of urban violence. Halfway through, clashes erupted between far-left groups and the security forces. Appraisal: degradation, broken windows. Four protesters Saturday night in custody. Thirteen CRS and gendarmes were injured, officials said. On the eve of the […]

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Marine le Pen has refused to go to a police summons

Parliamentary Assistants of FN: Marine Le Pen Refused to go to a Police Summons

JUSTICE:  She said she would go to any police or judicial summons until the parliamentary elections of 11 and 18 June … She refused to go to the local police court in Nanterre. Marine Le Pen was convened Wednesday to be heard by the investigators in the case of the assistants of MEPs of his […]

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The singer Jenifer in custody for assaulting a photographer

The singer Jenifer in Custody for Assault on Photographer

According to several media, the singer Jenifer and her companion were placed earlier this week in custody after a complaint was filed by a photographer who accused them of violence. Left to go free, they will soon be summoned before the Criminal Court of Paris. The singer of 34 years and his companion were held […]

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Increased security across France for the New Year Celebrations

A New Year under the Sign of Security in France

SAFETY: New Year events and attractions will have increased surveillance … With the bomb threats continue to loom over the country, the New Year festivities will be placed this year under high security . Nearly 90,000 police and gendarmes will be present during the night of the 31st December to the 1st January throughout the […]

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