Coronavirus in Toulouse: Despite the Curfew, the Sandwich Shop was in “Open Bar” Mode

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Despite the curfew, the sandwich shop was in "open bar" mode in Toulouse

CURFEW: A small fast-food restaurant in Bagatelle, Toulouse, was “emptied” by the police on Monday evening well after the curfew

At 10.45 pm, the small crowd, already spotted several times in front of a very small fast-food restaurant in the Bagatelle district, in Toulouse, necessarily attracted the attention of the police on Monday evening. Especially since the establishment had already been sanctioned recently for violating the curfew.

In addition to the customers who were waiting for their illegal orders outside, the sandwich shop had also opened its “room” without imposing the slightest barrier gesture.

From a police source, between motorists without an exemption to be out after 8 pm and customers without a mask, a “small dozen” of fines at 135 euros were drawn up in the space of an hour.

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