New Year: More than 600 Arrests and 6,600 Verbalisations

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New Year's Eve with national police checks on compliance with the curfew.

POLICE: Over New Year, 407 people have been taken into custody, according to the Minister of the Interior

On New Year’s Eve, marked by a few incidents and clandestine parties, the police arrested 662 people and issued 6,650 verbalizations for non-compliance with the curfew, said Friday the Minister of the Interior, Gerald. Darmanin.

“Even if the incidents were less important than in previous years”, “individuals took to task, sometimes very violently with the use of fireworks mortars against the police,” said the minister in a statement. There were “662 arrests” and “407 individuals” placed in police custody, he added.

6,650 fines for non-compliance with the curfew

The police also carried out “45,400 checks” and drew up “6,650 verbalizations for non-compliance with the curfew”, detailed the minister. He welcomed “that the curfew has been particularly respected in Paris, the usual place for gatherings”.

During the night, 25 wounded police and gendarmes, Gérald Darmanin said, giving “all his support to personnel injured in the performance of their duties as well as to their relatives”.

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