The newcomer at McDonald's in Germany: the Big Vegan TS

McDonald’s Launches 100% Vegan Burger

The American fastfood chain is trying to seduce a new audience with the Big Vegan TS, a 100% vegetable burger. It is currently only available in Germany. A little revolution at McDonald’s. The fast food chain launches a 100% vegan burger , inspired by its famous Big Mac, called Big Vegan TS. It will take a little longer to have it in France, since […]

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Listeria found in some salads at McDonald's

McDonald’s: Listeria Found in Salads, Here is the List of Restaurants Involved

Listeria alert at McDonald’s. The fast food chain had to stop the sale of contaminated salads and calls its customers to be cautious everywhere in France. Fast food giant McDonald’s announced on Wednesday 1st August, 2018 that it has stopped selling one of its flagship salads because of the presence of listeria . This is the salad “Chicken Caesar” that is concerned […]

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The Great Veggie will be available from 10 October. - Mcdonalds

McDonalds: The Veggie Burger Finally Arrives in France

FAST FOOD: McDonalds will launch its “Great Veggie” on 10 October. The French subsidiary of the fast-food chain and catching up … McDonalds France is finally launching a vegetarian option. The fast-food chain will offer from the 10th October, the “Great Veggie” a completely vegetarian burger, but not entirely vegan. A first in France. Venez découvrir le Grand Veggie […]

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McDonald's are to create 2500 jobs in France in 2016

McDonald’s will Create 2,500 jobs in France Before the End of the Year

Employment: The fast food giant is to create 2500 new jobs in France and has 45 new restaurants planned … The king of fast food, McDonald’s, will zoom in a bit more. The US giant said Friday it planned to the create, by the end of 2016, 2,500 jobs, mostly part-time, with the opening of […]

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Protestors of the #NuitDebout attempting to block access to McDonalds in Nantes

Nantes: Activists of #NuitDebout Block Front of McDonalds

About fifty people sat to 8.30pm, in front of the doors of the MacDonalds of the place du Commerce in Nantes. Thursday evening, in the centre of Nantes, at about 8.30pm, fifty activists of #NuitDebout staged a sit-in protest outside the McDonalds, attempting to block access to the doors of the restuarant.  McDonalds is a symbol […]

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McDonalds is to reopen its largest restaurant in Paris after being closed for 6 months of renovations

Paris: McDonald’s reopened on the Champs-Elysees its Largest Restaurant in the World

The property, closed for six months, every year approximately 1,825,000 customers … World champion! The restaurant McDonald’s on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, the top restaurant chain in the world in terms of turnover, reopens Friday after six months of work, foregrounding some innovations destined to become widespread in the group. This establishment, opened in 1988 and has […]

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Mcdonalds in nantes closed due to food poisoning

Nantes: McDonalds Closed after the Poisoning of Several Customers

A check by the Direction de la protection des populations, resulted in the closure of McDonalds in Commerce Square. This is one of the busiest restaurants in the city centre of Nantes. But since Thursday, the door of McDonald’s is closed. A decision by the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique, which has issued an order on Thursday in that […]

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Burger King is negotiating to purchase Quick

Burger King France Annouce Negotiations to buy the Restaurants Quick

Exclusive negotiations are under way between the two McDonald’s competitors in France … The Bertrand Group, majority shareholder of Burger King France, announced  “exclusive negotiations” to buy  Quick, with Qualium Investissement (CDC Group), and pass the 509 Quick restaurants under the Burger King banner. “In France, the Quick restaurants would be gradually transformed to Burger King. […]

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