Paris: McDonald’s reopened on the Champs-Elysees its Largest Restaurant in the World

McDonalds is to reopen its largest restaurant in Paris after being closed for 6 months of renovations

The property, closed for six months, every year approximately 1,825,000 customers …

World champion! The restaurant McDonald’s on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, the top restaurant chain in the world in terms of turnover, reopens Friday after six months of work, foregrounding some innovations destined to become widespread in the group.

This establishment, opened in 1988 and has 180 employees in low season and 230 in high season, “totalled a turnover of € 13.5 million in revenue in 2014,” making it “the first restaurant chain in the world in terms of activity, the one in front of the Disney Village in Marne-la-Vallée, the Pushkin Square in Moscow , and the Defense near Paris,” says to AFP Nawfal Trabelsi, president of McDonald’s France.

5,000 customers a day

It annually hosts approximately 1.825 million of customers worldwide, or 5,000 per day, for a capacity of 390 seats indoors plus 80 seats outside. “It will herald a new McDonald’s, with more choices and more welcome, and customization in terms of services and offers,” he said, adding that these innovations have already been tested in other restaurants .

“Terminal commands, welcome by the hosts and hostesses, picking on demand, new deals with the range “Signature by McDonald’s ” [of premium burgers], the Salad Bar, the new map of frozen desserts, are part of these innovations, “said Nawsfal Trabelsi.

Overhaul of 1,384 French restaurants

For the renovation of this restaurant, McDonald’s has created a decor by Patrick Norguet, designer who has worked in particular for the hospitality industry. The restaurant now has a bay window of 25 meters, with a 180 degree view on the most beautiful avenue in the world.

The shortfall generated by the six months of work to the Champs-Elysees restaurant is estimated “between 30 and 40% of total revenue, reported in part on the other chain establishments” nearby, ensures Nawsfal Trabelsi. This renovation foreshadows the consolidation of the 1384 chain restaurants in France at a rate of 300 restaurants a year, with completion in 2020.

The direction of the US group was late January state of improved financial results, with an increase of almost 10% of its profits in the last quarter 2015, driven notably by a good performance in the United States.

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