McDonald’s will Create 2,500 jobs in France Before the End of the Year

McDonald's are to create 2500 jobs in France in 2016

Employment: The fast food giant is to create 2500 new jobs in France and has 45 new restaurants planned …

The king of fast food, McDonald’s, will zoom in a bit more. The US giant said Friday it planned to the create, by the end of 2016, 2,500 jobs, mostly part-time, with the opening of 45 new restaurants in France.

“By the end of 2016, McDonald’s has created in France 2,500 new jobs, CDI (80% part time) through the € 200 million invested in France, with the opening of 45 new restaurants and the performance of the brand, “writes the fast food chain in a statement.

The “leading recruiter of young people in France”

The chain, which has 73,000 employees and 1,384 establishments in France, however, says there is still “22 restaurants to open by the end of the year, hiring 1,100 people.”

McDonald’s, which presents itself as the “leading recruiter of young people in France,” says “offer career opportunities by providing access to all of its employees and upon signature of the employment contract, the McDonald’s program of continuing professional education “. In 2015, “90% of managers and assistant managers of our institutions have started their career at McDonald’s as a crew,” says this channel in France for 37 years.

Employees with potential for the future

“We recruit all our employees bearing in mind that they have the potential to become tomorrow, a Director of our restaurants. Today every job provides access to all the support McDonald’s skills development: continuing education, certificate of qualification and validation of acquired experience, “says Claire Silva, Vice President Resources human McDonald’s France, cited in this release.

Present “in more than 1,000 French communes”, McDonald’s claims to be “one of the companies that contribute significantly to job creation” and “recruit closer to its institutions to actively contribute to local economic and social development and to land. ” Each year, the sign says “receive over 500,000 resumes of candidates.”

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